Bypass Systems

Bypass Systems of KHD

The development of efficient KHD Bypass Systems significantly contributed to the success of the KHD preheater concept and, consequently, to a modern and energy-saving low alkali high quality clinker production system.

For many years KHD plants have initially been provided with KHD Bypass Systems which are operating with raw materials of high chloride or sulfate content.

Bypass Systems of KHD

Especially for using secondary raw materials and secondary fuels of significant chlorine and/or sulfur contents the KHD Bypass System enables a flexible kiln operation at varying fuel and/or raw-material mixtures.

A portion of the volatile components will be removed from in the area of the inlet chamber by means of a bypass and thus be withdrawn from the circuit. This will lower the level of the volatile circuit to such an extent that coatings remain controllable and operational reliability.