PYROFLOOR®-The Great Cooler

Innovative development of grate cooler technology

This new cooler combines the best solutions for each of the two fundamental, mutually interacting functions a clinker cooler has to accomplish:

  • Clinker conveying is based on the "moving floor" principle
  • Aeration is controlled by self-regulating valves

High heat recuperation:

  • Decoupling of wear effects from aeration
  • Wear – if any – will not influence aeration and heat transfer
  • Self-regulating aeration
  • Sudden changes within the clinker layer are compensated automatically
  • No more fountains – optimum aeration on the whole grate

Low wear:

  • No more perpendicular pushing surfaces that would be subject to wear
  • (Almost) no more relative movement between clinker granules and metal parts
  • No cast wear parts


Easy maintenance:

  • No maintenance during the production year
  • No exchange of spare and wear parts for at least two years
  • Robust modular system

Basic principles for best clinker transportation and specific aeration for maximum heat recovery

  • Clinker transportation by moving floor
  • moving floor bottom and aeration cassette
  • Flow regulators
  • Clinker crusher


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