Firing System


Thirty years of experience in the operation of KHD PYRO-JET® burners in more than 700 rotary kilns has resulted in safe and reliably designed burners operating in a number of various conditions.

Because of its outstanding combustion properties, this burner is not only suitable for coal, but also for difficult solid fuels such as anthracite, pet coke, mixed fuels with oil and gas.


The high performance PYROSTREAM® burner of KHD is designed to allow the highest possible alternative fuel substitution rates. Sharing the double-pressure primary air system and the sandwich flame concept, the main design feature is the adjustable jet nozzle system. This adjustment allows a more precise flame setting than conventional burners without adjustable nozzles.

Focus on maintenance and service time

Besides the advantageous features to the process, KHD’s engineers took special care to improve the service time and make maintenance as easy as possible:

  • maximum protection for the burner in case of power outages,
  • easy exchange of the refractory tube,
  • the lifetime of the nozzle system is more than two years per set,
  • maximum flame momentums up to 11N/MW.