Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Top Management of KHD, all leaders and employees are responsible to comply with internal and external requirements of the Health and Safety Policy Statement.

Health protection and industrial safety at our Customer Service Centers (CSCs), subsidiaries, branches, workshops and our construction sites is an essential part of our corporate policy. Our objective is to prevent all accidents and work-related diseases as well as to promote health.

Strong, visible, active leadership underpins our health and safety performance. Industrial safety and health protection is an integrated part of every executive function. The provision of a safe workspace throughout KHD Group and of our construction sites has the same high priority as compliance with other corporate goals, values and guidelines.

We encourage the continuous improvement of our health and safety performance by means of a systematic and efficient Health and Safety Management System, which covers

  • compliance with all applicable health and safety legislations, regulations and other requirements to which KHD has committed
  • systematic risk evaluation based on the identification of hazards and the definition of appropriate preventive and protective measures, both workable and effective
  • setting objectives and programs
  • provision of suitable and sufficient training programs so our employees know exactly the requirements, can evaluate them and support with improvement suggestions
  • regular opportunity for open communication with all employees, contractors and interested parties to evaluate the effect of their actions, share best practice and raise awareness for industrial safety and health protection.

The Top Management of KHD regularly reviews the Management System of Health and Safety for application ability and effectiveness to ensure the compliance with new internal and external requirements as well as to improve the system continuously.