More Good News from KHD in Turkey


KHD’s activity in the Turkish market is continuing to produce positive results, with an order for a new 3,500 t/d clinker production line at the Bolu Cimento’s Kazan plant and successfully completed recent performance test for KCS Kahramanmaras Cimento’s Maras Kiln Line II.

Bolu Cimento (OYAK)

Once again showing its confidence in KHD´s advanced technology, the OYAK Group awarded KHD with an order for a new 3,500 t/d clinker production line at the Bolu Cimento’s Kazan plant, located near Ankara, Turkey. The contract awards KHD the order for engineering, equipment supply, as well as advisory services for erection and commissioning. Core KHD equipment to be supplied for the Pyroprocessing system includes:

  • 5-stage KHD Preheater with PYROCLON®-R LowNOX calciner, equipped with PYROTOP® compact mixing chamber, tertiary air duct with dust settling chamber, and PYROBOX® calciner firing system for coal dust.
  • PYRORAPID® two-tire rotary kiln, with a diameter of 4.4 m.
  • PYRO-JET® kiln burner for petcoke.
  • PYROFLOOR® clinker cooler equipped with a PYROCRUSHER® System.

The new kiln line will be erected next to the existing cement grinding unit and commissioning is scheduled for the spring of 2015.

Kahramanmaras Cimento (KIPAS)

The recently commissioned KCS Kahramanmaras Cimento’s Maras Kiln Line II was installed next to the existing Maras I Line, which was also installed by KHD. The new line, which has KHD supplied main equipment and state-of-the-art KHD technology for alternative fuel firing, produced impressive results at its recent performance test. 

The test was conducted using a mixture of approximately 40% petcoke and 60% lignite (of the same quality and fineness) for the main burner and calciner burner. Following are the results of the test:

Table 1: Guarantee Values according to contract and test results
Test Result
Test Duration [h] 49 2 x 24
Production Rate [t/d] 4617 4500
Specific Heat Consumption [kcal/kg cli] 722 *1) 720
Energy Consumption [kWh/ t] 10,3 13,7
Average free lime [%] 1,5 1,5
Clinker cooler outlet temperature [°C] 46 65
Measuring Tolerance [%] -- 1
*1) with given measurement tolerance, all parties agreed this value as passed.


KHD continues to strengthen its position in the fast growing market in Turkey with repeat orders and successes such as these.

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