ROMIX® Family

For more than 30 years ROMIX control systems have provided uniform raw meal quality in many countries of the world. Advanced adaptive computer control of raw meal composition with raw material identification and minimization of additive cost



Fully automatic, representative sampling for all products and intermediate products of cement manufacturing.


Sample dispatch (transport) by pneumatic tube system to the laboratory.


Fully automatic or manual sample preparation for their analysis.


Sample analyzing by means of X-ray spectrometer, crossbelt analyser, diffractometer (Rietveld), laser granulometer, etc.


Computer-assisted, adaptive quality control of raw materials and raw meal including statistic methods for permanent identification of the composition of raw materials and optimizing methods e.g. for minimizing the cost of feed materials.


Laboratory data base as quality control basis in the cement works.



  • Production integrated quality assurance
  • Production integrated environmental protection
  • Economical benefit reduction of maintenance reduction of energy expenditures optimum exploitation of the utilised raw materials and intermediate products
  • Improvement of work place quality


Romix 01

Romix 02