Rotary Kilns

Compact and Efficient

Kiln plants with two and three station rotary kilns from KHD Humboldt Wedag are top of the line. One reason: highly efficient precalcining systems, which were developed by KHD Humboldt Wedag, revolutionizing the clinkering process.

Rotary kilns no longer have to function as calciners which mean that they can be substantially smaller in size. The advantage for customers is lower investment and operating costs. These systems quickly gained excellent reputations among our customers.

The PYRORAPID® kiln on two stations offers:

  • Investment costs approx.15% lower than three station kilns
  • The lower space requirements and lower weights lead to more favorable construction costs
  • Mechanical overloading is impossible. This results in higher levels of operational reliability and lower maintenance costs
  • Lower consumption of refractory lining
  • The reduced required power and lower radiation losses reduces energy costs
  • The tire at the kiln discharge is outside the sintering zone

The KHD PYRORAPID® rotary kiln with a length to diameter ratio of approx. 11:1 to 12:1 fulfills high availability, considerable flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The three-station kiln from KHD Humboldt Wedag is a classic kiln which has been thoroughly tried and tested over the decades. Its proven standardized parts are also used in the PYRORAPID® kiln. Regular optimization of standardized parts leads to even greater operational reliability and efficiency. The interaction of all components ensures the overall problem-free continuous operation of the kiln:

  • optimized kiln configuration ensures even load and force distribution
  • the low shell stresses ensures low shell deformation and low consumption of refractory material
  • the floating tire fastening system ensures optimal load transmission to the rollers supported in double slide bearings
  • the large service factor of the kiln drive ensures extremely flexible plant operation
  • the repeatedly proven kiln inlet and outlet seals ensure minimum false air infiltration

These kiln components, essential for ensuring maximum availability, are furnished with high levels of safety and service factors.


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