CSC Russia/CIS

KHD began work with ZAB GmbH in 1991, culminating in the acquisition of ZAB GmbH by KHD 1993. After the creation of KHD’s Customer Service Center (CSC) structure, ZAB GmbH and its sister company, KHD Humboldt Engineering, in Moscow, became responsible for the Russian and CIS markets.

Serving: Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Core Competencies:

  • Supply of complete new cement plants
  • Modernization and upgrading of existing cement plants
  • Modernization of existing wet kiln plants to semi-wet or dry process
  • Supply of new grinding plants
  • Modernization of existing cement grinding plants by installation of high efficiency separators or roller presses
  • Supply of roller presses for crushing and grinding of ore and minerals processing

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ZAB Zementanlagenbau GmbH Dessau
Brauereistraße 13
06847 Dessau-Rosslau

CSC Head: Wolfgang Pajonke

Plant Services and Spare Parts


Wolfgang Pajonke

Tel.: +49 340 21965 340

Equipment Sales


Bernd Kuehne

Tel.: +49 340 21965 715


Eugeniy Tschegloyayev

Tel.: +7 495 623 5692