High-performance separators have a long tradition at KHD Humboldt Wedag. The SEPMASTER provides excellent selectivity and fits into small space. In addition to installation in new mill circuits, the SEPMASTER is particularly well suited for increasing the productivity of mills already in operation. The innovative rotor cage system enables the grinding of premium product qualities. The investment cost incurred by a change of separators is quickly recovered.

Depending on size and application, the SEPMASTER separator is available in various versions and with specifically tailored protection against wear and tear.

The main features at a glance:

  • Rotor stability
    The rotor shaft is supported at both ends. This concept avoids vibration and ensures a smooth and safe running machine, even when producing very fine products.
  • Drive on the bottom
    For maintenance work on the separator, gearbox, motor and electric cables do not need to be moved. The drive is positioned away from the heat and easily accessible.
  • The bearings are outside.
    The support bearings are located outside the separator housing and can be easily installed or removed, whilst the cage wheel remains in normal position.
  • Resistance to wear and tear = lower costs.
    Easily replaceable parts made of high quality materials such as cast basalt, ceramics, chromium carbide or chilled iron guarantee long life.
  • Fits comfortably into small spaces.
    The SEPMASTER is the perfect replacement for old separators. Compared to older generation separators, the cage wheel separator is not only more efficient but also significantly smaller and lighter.
  • Efficiency of separation
    Precise separation was previously only possible on a laboratory scale, but can now be achieved in large plants because of the SEPMASTER's high performance.


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