Shape giving name

The V- SEPARATOR in operation

Originally developed to separate fine material from a roller press circuit, the V-SEPARATOR has, however, also proved its value in tough applications with large mass flows and abrasive material of wide size range and high levels of feed moisture.


How does it work?

Material is fed from above to the builtin step grate. From here, the fine material is carried upwards with the air through the separating channels, the coarse material falls down over the step grate and is discharged at the bottom of the housing. The ratio of material load to separating air can be up to three times higher than with an airstream separator.


Virtually unlimited use

The required product fineness is achieved by adjusting the air speed in the separating channels. Cut point range is from approx. 80μm to 1.5mm.


Limiting wear and tear

All internal parts are fixed and have straight and level surfaces, as does the housing. This ensures simple but effective protection against wear, eliminating the need for maintenance work for many years.

The benefit to you

The V-SEPARATOR is an uncomplicated static separator without any moving parts. Since it carries out a whole range of process functions, it considerably extends the range of applications for high pressure comminution. In addition to reduced investment for machinery, the V-SEPARATOR also results in energy savings. With the rising cost of energy, this will become increasingly important.


The Allrounder.

Despite its simple design, the V-SEPARATOR carries out a whole range of process-related tasks within the grinding circuit:

  • Separating fine material from fresh material
  • Drying moisture from fresh material
  • Cooling hot fresh material
  • Deglomeration
  • Mixing fresh material and grits
  • Preventing formation of deposits when grinding granulated slag by positioning the V-SEPARATOR underneath the roller press.
  • Producing a finished material with custom tailored grain size distribution by combining V-SEPARATOR and cage wheel separator.


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