V + SK = VSK®

VSK® Separator

The VSK® combines the sturdy design of the V-Separator with the high performance of the SEPMASTER. The cage wheel is arranged as an add-on module to the V. With the V and VSK® Separator, the need for auxiliary equipment is greatly reduced: no separate dryer, no deglomerator. New ways of process design are now open to a wide field of applications for new plant and upgrade alike. Wear is minimized, even when grinding abrasive materials. These new systems are not exclusively bound to the roller press, but can be applied in grinding circuits with tube mills and impact hammer mills. Tailor-made solutions by KHD Humboldt Wedag are available.


VSK® features:

  • Five jobs in one unit:
    • Relieving the dynamic classifier of coarse material by pre-classifying.
    • Mixing feed and recycled material before entering the roller press.
    • Deglomeration of RP discharge by impact action of the cascade.
    • Drying / cooling.
    • High efficiency classifying.
  • Cut size between 25 and 150μm.
  • Effective wear protection.

VSK®e Separator

(“e” = extended version)


The VSK®e Separator will require significantly less mechanical conveying capacity. To accomplish this, the VSK® is split into two parts. The static “V” - part underneath the roller press and the dynamic “SK”- part above the roller press are connected by a riser duct (e), over which all fines from the “V“- part are lifted by air flow to the “VSK®“- part.


The benefits of the VSK®e are:

  • Minimizing of bucket elevator capacity
    • Higher feed rates can be processed
  • Reduction in building volume
  • Lower capital investment.


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