SIMULEX® Plant Simulator

The aim of modern cement plants is to achieve highest possible production with the lowest consumption of materials, energy and manpower. To do so requires high levels of concentration and (most importantly) expertise from your operators. But expertise only comes through experience and training. The question, then, is how you train an operator without putting the plant at risk? The answer: with the Simulex® plant simulator. Much like a flight simulator, Simulex® creates a lifelike plant environment in which trainees can learn the skills they need, without endangering the plant or process.

Why KHD?

Simulex® has been evolving for more than two decades. But its real origins lie in KHD’s 160-plus years of cement process experience.

The outcome is a training solution that offers integrated and expert insight across the entire cement plant: from the design and operation of KHD’s core pyroprocess and comminution equipment, to general plant engineering, the interconnections with third-party equipment, basic electrical and automation engineering, and software and information systems design.

In short, Simulex® represents the vast process modelling expertise we have at KHD, built up over many decades and available not just for the scope of our equipment. We have, for example, provided Simulex® for lime production and other third-party mill types.

What does this mean in practice? Simulex® is proven to enhance operator skills – guaranteed. It offers the opportunity to standardize operating strategies with a common training approach across an organization. And it helps support operators’ commitment to improving plant performance. The net result is a solution that increases plant availability and reduces off-spec production, process disturbance and even unwanted stoppages.

Beyond training

Simulex® is a powerful training resource; there is no doubt about that. But it’s much more than that. For example, Simulex® can be used to test and support the business case for new designs, technologies and control mechanisms. It could also be used to support process design projects, and to help validate the performance of expert systems and AI-based optimization systems. Do you have a special use case in mind? Get in touch; let’s be creative together!

What we provide

Whatever your level of knowledge, we have a training package for you.

Simulex® supports operational excellence through dynamic process training models that expose operators to realistic plant conditions. This includes modern plant automation functionality (main equipment control, PLC logics, process interlocks and feedback control), state-of-the-art graphical interfaces, and standard process scenarios that link together to provide a complete and authentic representation of plant operations.

Standard operating procedures can also be simulated and rehearsed, from start-up to shut down, optimization and typical process disturbances. After all, we think it’s much better to train your operators to deal with a cyclone blockage or ID fan failure in a test environment. Let them learn to fix it in a safe environment so they are ready to face the real deal.

In short, Simulex® looks and feels like a real central control room. It’s supported by KHD’s expert trainers, who have many decades of experience educating plant operators to achieve the highest levels of performance. Our trainers will help with lesson management, as well as evaluating trainee performance.

Simulex® licenses are available for single or multiple users, as required, either installed at the customer plant or via the Cloud. Remote installation of the main system and ongoing updates, as well as remote troubleshooting and support, also ensure Simulex® is quick and easy to set up on your IT infrastructure.

An adaptable solution

With each plant and customer having its own unique production process – and hence, training needs – Simulex® is customizable in a number of different ways. We can provide tailormade models and scenarios based on particular flowsheets and requirements. We can adapt models, operating mimics, logics and interlocks to reflect actual process conditions. We also offer multiple plant configurations that includes a variety of different models for company-wide training.


LafargeHolcim Ltd.

More than 130 licenses in operation worldwide

  • Implementation of typical plant training models that cover common scenarios and support the harmonization of global training efforts (standard operating procedures)
  • Realization of tailormade scenarios such as wet- and semi-we clinker production training

HeidelbergCement AG

24/7 availability of training system enable shared occupation across multiple time zones

  • Implementation of multiple plant models which can be pre-customized by training instructor
  • Implementation of a globally available resource system, which can be attended around the clock via an online reservation system

Lhoist North America

  • Development of a training simulator model for lime manufacturing
  • Preparation and execution of a web-based training program, including cloud-hosted simulator instances as well as multimedia training documents and trainee scoring module


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