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It’s a simple fact of life that you can’t know or do it all. Even the largest of companies will need outside help from time to time. We understand this need for services that enable you to achieve optimum results. So, whether you are undertaking routine maintenance, trying to increase production levels, or need to reduce emissions, our service team is here to help.


Plant optimization. Audits and advisory services. Training and education. High-quality spare parts and maintenance support. Something else? Our global team has the skills and know-how to offer support that meets your specific needs.

Training & Education

Our experts; your needs. Discover how we can support your business goals and improve performance with our adaptable training options.

Roller Press Scanner

Roller presses must work hard. Our Roller Press Scanner and roller refurbishment services ensure they can do that.

KHD Workshop

From its strategic location in the Delhi National Capital Region, the KHD Faridabad workshop brings our high-quality manufacturing and maintenance facilities closer to our clients in Asia and Africa.

Supervision Services

Our experienced team of onsite supervisors will ensure your KHD equipment is assembled, installed and commissioned correctly to deliver the performance you expect. We can also provide supervision of maintenance and plant optimization work.


There are many companies that offer services to the cement industry. Why should you choose KHD? It’s a question we are glad you asked. Because we believe we have a unique ability to offer services that bring tangible value in a whole range of areas.

Let’s start at the beginning. In 1856, to be exact. Which is when our journey starts: a journey that has seen us at the forefront of innovation in the cement industry. It’s a position that we still occupy today and that brings us a unique insight into the cement industry – an insight that is unmatched in the cement industry.

In addition to that, as an OEM responsible for designing, installing and commissioning hundreds of plants, we have unparalleled experience of cement production in a huge range of environments. So, we are not only uniquely equipped to provide accurate and high-quality spare parts and maintenance support, we also have the process and plant knowledge to help evaluate and optimize your complete operation.

Last but not least, our continuing commitment to research ensures that we remain at the forefront of industry developments. This is particularly important as the industry comes to terms with tightening environmental regulation, another area in which we have led the way.

In short, we offer a complete services package. Whatever your needs, we can be there to support you achieve the highest standards of performance.


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