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The principles behind cement production have been around for a long time. English inventor, Joseph Aspdin, first patented the process for making ‘Portland cement’ by heating clay and limestone to very high temperatures, then cooling, grinding and mixing it with water, as far back as 1824. But although familiar, cement making remains a highly complex task, subject to continuously changing process conditions, that nonetheless must result in a high-quality and highly-consistent final product. Mastering it is a daunting task.


Fortunately, when it comes to achieving success in cement production, you are not on your own. KHD has been in the cement business since 1856 and offers solutions that are knowledge-based. Our collective know-how is your vital ally in the day-to-day battle to optimize the performance of your cement plant.

Process Knowledge

Process knowledge: it’s a mix of expert engineering know-how and extensive practical experience that, when combined, creates solutions with tangible benefits. It’s hard to acquire. But we have it in abundance.

Plant Layout

Never underestimate the benefits of a properly-designed plant: it will be safer, more productive, more efficient. And with over 160 years’ experience in cement plant design, we know how to get it right.


Looking for flexible and adaptable training services that make a demonstrable impact on your performance? Look no further: we have you covered.


Our cement plant simulator brings reality into the virtual world. It’s ideal for training operators without risking real assets – but it’s also so much more than that!


It’s not just that the cement production relies on a complex series of mechanical and chemical process, each of which must be optimized in order to ensure quality, maximize production and efficiency, and limit emissions.

It’s that each cement plant is unique: the raw meal, fuel mix, plant layout, equipment selection – even atmospheric conditions – all combine to impact the process in different ways in different locations. It’s also that cement-making equipment is large, expensive and – if not properly controlled – can cause significant damage and put plant personnel in danger.

With all these balls to juggle, having an expert partner may be the key factor in getting the best possible performance out of your plant and people – and doing so safely and consistently. It could be the difference between success and failure, profitability and loss.

Which is where KHD comes in. Thanks to our long history in the cement industry, we have a huge reservoir of knowledge and experience in the industry. We have designed, installed and commissioned literally hundreds of plants in a huge range of environments. We have innovated much of the equipment that is now considered standard in the industry. And our research still leads the way.

In short: we are your expert partner. Whatever your specific needs or challenges, we have the experience-based know-how to support you on your road to success.

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