Anhui Panjing Cement repeats order for a production line optimization

KHD (Humboldt Wedag India in collaboration with AVIC) has received another pyroprocess modification order from Anhui Panjing Cement Limited Company. The follow-up project is the result of the successful finalization of another successful pyroprocess upgradation project in 2020/2021.

The new upgradation project will reuse as much of the existing equipment as possible. As line one is almost identical to line two (before its modification) this efficiency enhancing project will use almost the same equipment. The project scope contains:

  • New triple cyclones in conjunction with existing preheater top stage twin cyclones
  • Partial modification of downcomer duct
  • New preheater Fan
  • Optimized and larger dip tubes for existing cyclones
  • New PYROBOX calciner firing system
  • New raw meal pipes for the two lowest cyclone stages
  • Calciner modification within the existing preheater building
  • New Kiln drive system etc.

The overall design and engineering, including delivery of key components is scheduled to be completed before January 2022. The repeated orders from Chinese customers underline the successful and flourishing strategic partnership between AVIC and Humboldt Wedag India. KHD aims to uphold this positive streak in the Chinese market and is confident to attract further business opportunities especially from new clients in the coming years.

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