KHD completes upgrade project for Holcim Romania in collaboration with IMSAT


  • KHD commissions upgraded pyroprocess and cement grinding lines at Holcim’s Campulung cement plant.
  • Improved pyroprocess line beats contracted values during performance testing.
  • Project demonstrates KHD ability to execute expert and timely modernization of existing cement plants.

KHD has successfully delivered upgrades to the pyroprocessing and cement grinding lines at Holcim Romania’s Campulung cement plant, part of Switzerland-based global sustainable building solutions group, Holcim. The project increases clinker production capacity at the plant and underlines KHD’s reputation as an expert and reliable partner for value-enhancing plant modernization projects.

“The Campulung project is a clear mark of confidence in our ability to design, engineer, and execute plant upgrade projects from one of the world’s largest cement producers,” said KHD COO, Matthias Jochem. “From contract signing in April 2022 to successful performance testing, we implemented the project in 14 months, delivering a timely increase in capacity against a background of growing construction activity in Romania.”

Modernization of the pyroprocessing line included a complete, new and improved downcomer duct, reinforcement of the existing double separator, delivery of a new water injection system and ID fan, and upgrade of the clinker cooler. The line has now been commissioned and passed performance testing, during which it surpassed contracted values for clinker production capacity, ID fan power consumption, and clinker outlet temperature.

The cement grinding plant was upgraded with a new SKS Z 2500 high-efficiency dynamic separator, high-performance CN cyclones, process ducts, and separator fan.

In addition to increasing production capacity at the plant, the project raises the efficiency of cement production at Holcim Campulung in line with Holcim Romania’s reputation as a leader of the sustainable transition in the construction industry.

“The work at Holcim Campulung demonstrates our ability to improve the economic and environmental performance of cement production at existing plants,” concluded Jochem. “This is made possible not only by our leading position as an equipment and services supplier to the global cement sector, but by our unparalleled experience in process engineering, plant design, and project execution. We stand ready to deliver a more profitable, productive, and sustainable future for the cement industry.”

The work at Holcim Campulung was undertaken in collaboration with project general contractor IMSAT S.A.

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