KHD hosts Saudi cement industry at one-day symposium

  • KHD recently hosted representatives of the Saudi cement industry at a one-day symposium.
  • Solutions for green cement production were discussed in line with the country’s Vision 2030 strategy.
  • Switching to alternative fuels is a major first step to more sustainable cement production, with KHD’s Pyrorotor® a key enabling technology.

On 31 May 2023, KHD hosted executives of the Saudi cement sector at the KHD Vision 2030 Symposium. Taking place at the Hyatt Olaya Hotel in Riyadh, attendees heard from the KHD representatives, as well as experts from the company’s pyroprocessing and grinding departments. Representatives from KHD’s EPC partner, AVIC International Beijing, and knowledge partner A3&Co.®, also spoke, while two panel discussions provided the opportunity to hear insight and feedback from the cement companies themselves.

“We were delighted to welcome representatives of the Saudi cement sector to our Vision 2030 Symposium and to present a variety of solutions for more sustainable cement production in Saudi Arabia. We also appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from attendees about the solutions they are looking for now, and what might become an issue in the future. This enables us to better tailor our offers, as well as to focus our R&D efforts to best serve market needs,” said Rainer Krüper, General Manager at KHD.

There was particular interest among attendees in how KHD technology and EPC project execution capabilities could support the Saudi cement sector in its strategic shift from purely efficiency-oriented production to production that is both sustainable and efficient, with benefits for the manufacturer and the environment.

The solutions discussed all fit within the country’s Vision 2030 strategy, which targets better integration of heavy-industries into the circular economy. For the cement sector, this means increased use of refuse-derived alternative fuels (RDF). These fuels have the dual advantage of reducing carbon emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels, while diverting waste away from landfill.

One of the technologies presented in this regard was the KHD Pyrorotor, the most versatile alternative fuel equipment on the market. The Pyrorotor allows thermal substitution rates of more than 85%, with almost no pre-processing, even when firing low-quality fuels.

“With our technology leadership and global experience, KHD is the ideal partner for the Saudi cement sector for the execution of greenfield and brownfield projects, from plant modernizations and upgrades to complete production lines. Thanks to the company’s cooperation with AVIC International Beijing and key partners in the Middle East, we can offer and execute any size of project competitively and successfully,” concluded Farid Salehi, Head of Sales and Tendering at KHD.

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