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What do you look for in a training provider? Knowledge – that’s a given. Experience? A wide, process-level understanding of how things work and fit together? Detailed insight into particular equipment? With a history in the cement industry dating back over 160 years, we bring all of this together to provide training services that make a demonstrable impact on your performance.

Why KHD?

Not just an equipment supplier; we are the cement process experts.

Not just an equipment supplier; we are the cement process experts.
Here at KHD, we don’t just supply machinery and components; we are a complete solutions provider to the cement industry. We bring both aspects to our training services, combining broad process-level knowledge with detailed component-level insight into our equipment.

As a result, we offer training that goes beyond our equipment to the complete cement process. This enables us to tailor our courses to your specific needs and expectations.

To do so, before any training starts, we will evaluate your training needs and design a training concept that takes into account your specific training goals, the availability and shift-patterns of your personnel, and the best methods of delivery. That could be in-person or remotely via group webinars or eLearning courses, which if required can be tailored to your individual needs.

The result is training that brings real benefits. Our experienced trainers can equip your people with the knowledge and skills to achieve demonstrable performance improvements. Whether that is raising productivity, improving product quality, cutting wear and damage to equipment, reducing downtime, or responding more quickly and effectively to reduce potential disruptions.

Simulex® simulator-aided training

Our Simulex® simulator technology has been evolving for more than two decades and now offers an effective training option – without risking real plant operations. Simulex® comes with a number of general set models, but on request we can also replicate your exact plant conditions, so trainees can familiarize themselves with your specific pyroprocess or grinding plant. It also allows them to see the general arrangement of and connections between components, even those supplied by third-party suppliers, such as waste-heat recovery and gas-purging systems.

What we provide

Whatever your level of knowledge, we have a training package for you.

Covering grinding and pyroprocessing at the cement plant, our training includes all corresponding process background, the major operational considerations, and the interdependencies between different components, as well as automation and all relevant features for ensuring safe and economic production and maintenance.

Training can be offered in a number of ways: from in-person classes and online webinars to onsite training, simulator-aided process training, and on-demand eLearning. Or as a combination of these. Packages are available from beginner to advanced levels for process specialists and plant operators, maintenance staff and automation specialists.


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