KHD solidifies its leading position as a partner for the Turkish cement industry


KIPAS – Kahramanmaras Cimento Beton Sanayii Ve Madencilik Isletmeleri

(KCS) awarded KHD Humboldt Wedag the contract to engineer and deliver equipment for its second cement production line with a capacity of 4,500 t/d clinker, and the contract for increasing its cement grinding capacity by installing a COMFLEX® grinding system. The new production line will be built directly next to Line I, also delivered by KHD, which started production in 2009 near the city of Kahramanmaras in southeastern Turkey.

Signing the contract with KHD Humboldt Wedag for delivering clinker production line I in May 2006 allowed KIPAS Holding and its subsidiary Kahramanmaras Cement to meet the requirements for entering the Turkish cement industry as a producer. Pursuing a wide spectrum of activities in many fields such as textiles, energy, agriculture, etc., KIPAS Holding is among the most significant companies in this region of the country. After kiln line I in the Kahramanmaras cement plant had logged three years of successful operation, the customer's recent decision to place another order with KHD proves the company's trust in KHD and its advanced technologies.
The scope of KHD´s delivery and services includes the engineering and delivery of mechanical and electrical equipment as well as advisory supervision of erection and commissioning, including training, for the new kiln line with a capacity of 4,500 t/d and for the clinker grinding system. Its capacity will increase from 100 to 200 t of cement per hour at a fineness of 3,600 cm2/g on the Blaine scale.
The core equipment specified in this contract to be designed and delivered by KHD includes:


  • 5-stage preheater, single string system
  • PYROCLON®R calciner equipped with PYROTOP®compact mixing chamber, tertiary air duct with dust settling chamber; combustion chamber with HCB® Humboldt chamber burner
  • PYRORAPID® two-tire rotary kiln with diameter 4.6 m x 54.0 m long
  • PYRO-JET® kiln burner for coal, petcoke and fuel oil
  • Clinker cooler, with PYROCRUSHER®, roll-type clinker crusher
  • SCANEX®kiln diagnostic system and ROMIX®-S clinker sampling system with sampling and preparation equipment, X-ray laboratory and process computer system Clinker Grinding System / COMFLEX® SC 16-3250
  • Roller Press RPS 16-170/180 with ROLCOX® system for control and monitoring
  • Cascade separator, type VS 524 as static classifier
  • High efficiency separator SEPMASTER, type SKS-VC 3250 as dynamic classifier
  • System fan HKF 200/265

Fig. 1: Flow diagram for increasing the output of the KCS clinker grinding system with the COMFLEX® grinding system

For the second line, KCS chose to install a KHD combustion chamber, with which coarse secondary fuels and/or secondary fuels associated with difficult ignition and combustion can be used. With the technology delivered by KHD, the requirements for the quality of the alternative fuels as well as the degree to which they must be prepared are lowered. This will be the second KHD combustion chamber in Turkey, following the first installation in a cement plant near Ankara.

The increase in clinker capacity with the new kiln line accompanied a decision by KCS to increase the output of the existing cement mill, a ball mill of Chinese design with a throughput capacity of 100 t/h CEM I 42.5.
The concept suggested by KHD, which includes a new COMFLEX® system in combination with the existing ball mill system, together with the numerous positive references regarding KHD roller presses in the Turkish cement industry, won the customer over.
The horizontal version of the static VS separator that KHD has continued to develop will be used, which will allow for a significant reduction in the installation height of the COMFLEX® system.

With the installation of a KHD combustion chamber and a COMFLEX® grinding system in its newest design, the customer, KCS, will have a system that is equipped with the most advanced thermal and mechanical technologies.

Fig. 2: Complete overview of the KCS Kahramanmaras cement plant

KHD's recent success on the Turkish market is due in part to the degree of performance demonstrated during the installation and commissioning of the first cement plant for the KIPAS Holding and the intensive consultation with the customer in the operation phase The output guarantees in the contract for line I were met. The actual kiln line clinker capacity of 4,150 t/d is significantly higher than the guaranteed 3,800 t/d.

The commissioning of both the new kiln line with a capacity of 4,500 t/d and the clinker grinding system with increased throughput capacity is planned for the end of 2012.

KHD solidifies its leading position as a partner for the Turkish cement industry


KHD solidifies its leading position as a partner for the Turkish cement industry

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