The first Pyrorotor® contract in Turkey

The topics of decarbonization and fossil fuel substitution continue to drive developments and changes in the cement industry. At the forefront of this trend is the Pyrorotor® from KHD. A modular add-on to any existing calciner, the Pyrorotor® allows very high thermal substitution rates (TSR) with almost no pre-processing of even the lowest-quality alternative fuels.

Ultimate fuel flexibility paired with NOX emission reduction

After demonstrating continuous success over the last few years, predominantly in the Asia Pacific region, KHD has now received the first Pyrorotor® order in Turkey. This latest order underlines the growing demand for sustainable and cost-effective utilization of alternative fuels – a demand that is now reaching new countries and market regions.

KÇS Kipaş Çimento A.Ş. awarded a supply and engineering contract to Humboldt Wedag GmbH for a Pyrorotor® to be installed on production line one of their plant in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey.

The Pyrorotor® will enable KÇS to continuously achieve a TSR above 90% in the calciner. At the same time, thanks to the principle of staged combustion, the upgrade will also ensure NOX emissions from the pyroprocess are kept below 800mg NO2/Nm3.

Contract scope consists of design, engineering and supply of all equipment for the Pyrorotor®. There is no need to interrupt production during the project erection phase. Only a brief stoppage is foreseen to assemble the gas duct connections shortly before the final commissioning, which is scheduled for early in the third quarter of 2023.

This project marks the 11th Pyrorotor® unit contracted worldwide. It underlines the strong demand for solutions that facilitate the use of alternative fuels. The ingenuity of Pyrorotor® is that, in contrast to all other equipment currently available in the market, it allows cement producers to use any type and quality of alternative fuel without the effort and cost of pre-processing these materials. As a result, Pyrorotor® can significantly improve fuel availability and cost for any cement producer.

With the Pyrorotor®, KHD continues to demonstrate its expertise and capability for highly reliable and energy-efficient pyroprocessing solutions and reinforces its position as market leader in the Turkish cement industry.

You can download this sales news as PDF here.

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New project in Turkey

As already reported in the media, KHD partner AVIC has signed an agreement with Sonmez Holding for a new project in Adana, Turkey. KHD is the preferred partner for pyro-processing equipment, which , when ordered, will have a value in the single digit millions (EUR).

All objectives achieved

In December 2011, ZAB Zementanlagenbau GmbH Dessau, a subsidiary of KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, carried out a successful performance test of the rotary kiln plant that was recently constructed on a green field in Novotroizk/Russia, at the JUGPK Company.

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At the 6th Global CemFuels Conference in Aachen, Germany, KHD’s Combustion Chamber won the award for ‘Most innovative technology for alternative fuels use’. The awards were given based on the results of an online survey that prompted hundreds of votes, cast by cement industry professionals from 22 countries around the world. Also awarded at the event was KHD customer Continental Cement, of Hannibal, Missouri, for ‘Outstanding Alternative Fuel Project’.