Impact Hammer Mill

Raw materials may come with a range of complex characteristics. They may be moist and sticky. Sometimes they are more like slurries. Or they may be the caked by-products of other industries. These cannot simply be added to the clinkerization process. Which is when the KHD impact hammer mill comes into play. By simultaneously drying and crushing wet and agglomerated raw materials, it prepares even materials with very high moisture contents to deliver an optimum product for clinker production.

Drive System




Wear Plates

Product Features

Our impact hammer mill is a workhorse of the cement plant. Despite the challenges of the job, it just keeps on running.

Product Features

Designed for long-lasting operation

The impact hammer mill is characterized by its robust design. The airtight housing consists of a durable, double-welded design with easy access to replace all wear parts. The proven belt drive compensates for the vibration of the hammer mill, protecting the drive motor from wear and damage. This tried and tested concept ensures reliable, continuous operation of the mill in challenging operating conditions. The large belt drive pully also acts to stabilize the unit against excessive rotational force. These features all help ensure steady operation with lowest possible maintenance.

Product Features

The rotor

The rotor is the moving heart of the impact hammer mill. It comprises several rotor discs that are slid onto a central shaft. Hammers are fixed between the rotor discs by the hammer axle. All components of the rotor are manufactured to withstand the severe forces they are exposed to. The shaft ends are also water cooled to avoid build-up of excessive heat.

Product Features

Protecting the inner surfaces against wear

The inside of a impact hammer mill takes a beating. That’s its job. Impact hammer mills work by crushing feed materials against the inner surfaces. Even in areas that are not involved in the grinding process, conditions are tough. To protect these surfaces, they are lined with highly wear-resistant plates, which can be easily accessed and replaced, as the need arises, via side openings in the housing.

Key Benefits

An impact hammer mill optimized for the cement industry by the leaders in cement grinding technology.

Key Benefits

High efficiency drying and grinding

The impact hammer mill is ideally suited for simultaneous drying and grinding of moist or pasty raw materials. Feed materials are mixed with a hot gas stream up to 650°C before they enter the mill. The pre-dried raw materials and hot gases then enter the mill together. This allows raw materials with moisture contents up to 25% to be ground effectively. After grinding, the gas stream then discharges the now dry, fine materials out of the mill.  

Key Benefits

Designed for the cement process

Our impact hammer mills have been engineered for the specific demands of the cement manufacturing process. They are able to process all relevant raw materials, including mixes of limestone, marl, clay and other similar materials. For semi-wet processes, in particular, they are a core technology, alongside the KHD vertical tube dryer, for supplying optimally-prepared raw meal for efficient clinker production.

Performance Data

The impact hammer mill is available from in a wide range of sizes. Selection of the optimum size will depend on specific operating conditions, and will be made by our expert process engineering department.



1250 mm up to 3800 mm


1200 mm up to 3500 mm

Throughput rate:

25 tph to 400 tph

Feed size:

max. 150 mm

Final grain:

0 – 12 mm

Moisture Content:

up to 22 %


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