Roller Press

Simply put, the roller press is the most energy-efficient grinding machine on the market. Since its commercial introduction into the cement industry by KHD in the 1980s, hundreds of them have been installed in the cement and minerals industries, in both finish and semi-finish applications. And with the lowest specific energy consumption among comparable comminution technologies, including ball and vertical roller mills, it’s not difficult to understand why.

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Product Features

Grind cement raw materials, clinker, and slag, as well as minerals, with a roller press from the technical leader.

Product Features

The machine frame – open or closed?

We offer both open and closed frame layouts. But what’s the difference? Open frames benefit from quicker erection and easier roller exchange. Rollers are removed sideways, rather than lifted out from above, eliminating the need to dismantle the top frame, bin and feeding equipment. Closed frame, however, offers lower initial machine costs.

Not sure which is going to work best for you? You can rely on our experts to guide you through the decision-making process and ensure your roller-press best meets your requirements.

Product Features

Wear protection of the roller surface

Wear is a fact of life. But if not properly monitored and controlled, it can end up degrading grinding performance, lowering production rates, and significantly extending maintenance downtime of your machine and production. Deciding the best wear protection for your process is therefore an important task – and one where an expert opinion can help make sure of the best results. Which is where we can help.

Our engineers will take all relevant factors into consideration to suggest the type of wear protection most suited to your application choosing from three different technologies:

  • Hi-Chrome – long, worry-free operation
    KHD’s newest surface option is a special compound casting bandage with a wear-resistant top layer made of high-chrome. This surface combines robustness with ease of use because the material does not need to be rewelded. In comparison to competitor solutions, KHD’s profile application method is also advanced. Because we grind the profile into the surface instead of welding extra material on it, we prevent tiny surface cracks, that can lead to major follow-up problems during regular operation. Another special feature is that the profile is designed to prevent material embedding. 
  • Hardfacing – the cost-competitive option
    Rollers with hardfacing are ideal for low investment cases and grinding plants that conduct intermediate rewelding. Such maintenance jobs can be executed during regular daily stoppages thanks to intelligent service solutions such as KHD’s in-situ roller grinding.
  • Stud Lining – best-in-class wear resistance
    Rollers with stud lining comprise a special pattern of extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide studs which are inserted into the roller surface. The stud arrangement is designed to also form an autogenous wear protection layer from ground material. Thus, stud lining rollers achieve highest lifetimes without any need for regular surface maintenance in grinding applications that do not contain oversized feed material.

Interested in learning more about wear protection options as they relate to your specific application? Contact us today. Our team is here to help. You can also check out our roller press maintenance services, including our innovative Roller Press Scanner. This detects potential problems with your roller surfaces early to help planning of your maintenance schedules and reduce downtime.

New high-chrome surface

Our latest development is a high-chrome bandage made from a compound casting. These rollers combine lower maintenance requirements with a convincing extra-long service life. The specialty of our high-chrome bandage is the mechanical insertion of the profiling. Instead of welding the profile, which causes tiny surface cracks that can lead to serious problems, we mechanically grind the profile into the surface. This makes the surface more reliable and longer lasting in comparison to other compound castings available in the market.

Interested in learning more about this promising new development? Let us know and we arrange a call with one of our experts.

Product Features

A unique bearing arrangement

Our unique four-line cylindrical roller bearing arrangement allows a compact machine design, as well as needing only one hydraulic cylinder per side, instead of the two required by roller presses with spherical bearings. And because skewing of the moveable roller is facilitated by a separate rubber thrust bearing and pivoting cylinder, our cylindrical bearings are simpler to seal. This improves the reliability of the lubrication, a key factor in prolonging service life.

Compact design = low civil cost

An additional benefit of our unique four-line cylindrical roller bearings – and resulting compact frame design – is a lower-weight construction for lowest civils cost.

Product Features

Flexible skewing and even load distribution

Skewing of the moveable roller is made possible via a combination of rubber thrust bearing and flat pivoting cylinder. These are mounted between the hydraulic cylinder and the roller bearing housings. The patented rubber thrust bearings also ensure even load distribution across the bearings for longer service life.

Key Benefits

A low-energy, reliable, flexible grinding option backed by unparalleled know-how and long years of experience.

Key Benefits

Low energy consumption

We said it before. But it’s worth repeating. When compared with other grinding options, such as ball mills and vertical roller mills, the roller press is the most energy-efficient grinding system on the market. Which means lower energy bills for you. So, your production costs will be more competitive and sustainable, both today and into the future.

Key Benefits

High availability and reliability

With its unique bearing system, long-life roller surface protection and ease of roller exchange (when opting for the open frame design), our roller presses are designed to provide the highest levels of reliability and availability. They just keep grinding… and grinding… and grinding. And therefore, keep your production flowing, stress-free. Looking for uninterrupted and long uptime? A roller press is the way to go.

Key Benefits

Flexible grinding options

Our roller presses are able to grind various feed materials, giving you the option of producing a range of cements at one site. For example, with the appropriate grinding circuit and drive train arrangements, you can switch quickly and easily between clinker and slag grinding.

Performance Data

Is the roller press the equipment for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Grinding Capacity:

up to 14,000 tpd

Roller Diameter:

1700 mm up to 2200 mm

Roller Width:

900 mm to 1800 mm

Pressing Force:

7000 kN up to 20000 kN

Feed Options (Materials):

Raw Materials, Cement, Minerals, Slag


Project Country Year Roller Press
UTCL-7 Kharagpur India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL-6 Bhagalpur India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL-5 Vizag India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL-8 Nathdwara 3 India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-7 Kharagpur India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-6 Bhagalpur India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-5 Vizag India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-4 Hotgi 3 India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-3 Aligarh 2 India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-2 Tadipatri India 2024 RP 20-170/180
UTCL-1 Petnikota India 2024 RP 20-170/180
Deccan Cement India 2024 RP 20-170/180
Dalmia Umrangshu India 2024 RP 16-170/180
Dalmia Umrangshu India 2024 RP 16-170/180
Dalmia Rajgangpur India 2024 RP 7-170/90
UTCL Karur India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL Sonar Bangla India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL Durgapur India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL Kukurdih India 2024 RP 17-170/180
UTCL Burnpur India 2023 RP 7-170/90
UTCL Burnpur India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Shahjahanpur India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Kukurdih India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Maihar India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Maihar India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Karur India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Rajpura India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Kotputli India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Arakkonam India 2023 RP 20-170/180
UTCL Roorkee India 2023 RP 20-170/180
PK 3800 Iran 2023 RPS 16-170/180
PK 3800 Iran 2023 RPS 16-170/180
My Home Cement CM India 2023 RP 20-220/180
Dalmia Calcom India 2022 RP 16 - 170/180
My Home Cement 2 India 2022 RP 20 - 220/180


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