The cement pyroprocess is exceptionally hot – upwards of 1,500 °C, in fact. To generate this heat, several burners are used at various points in the process. But multiple burners add complexity to the system that is not easily managed manually. Our smart Burner Management System (BMS) is the solution: able to control all firing systems, whoever the supplier and whatever the fuel, the BMS ensures the correct temperatures are achieved with the minimum fuel consumption and highest levels of safety.

Product Features

The BMS puts you in control of your burners with automatic management of burner functions to achieve consistent and reliable heating of your pyroprocess

Product Features

Control your burners

Whatever the fuel (solid, gas or liquid), whatever the location (kiln, tertiary air or calciner), the BMS provides optimal control of all burner and valve train processes: from start/stop procedures to continuous steady-state operations, including safety, flame and air volume monitoring and control.

Unique highlights include swirl and jet air visualization and easy adaption for optimum flame formation. It will also recommend setpoints for primary air fans to achieve ideal fuel-air mix in the combustion chamber. For ignition burners, the BMS enables cyclical purging of the ignition lance and/or optical flame detector to loosen any material build up. While for gas burners, there is automatic switchover of the burner gas flaps between gas and coal operation, and different fuel quantities.

But these are just some of features that make the BMS your reliable partner for burner control. To learn more, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

Product Features

Central or local control? How about both

Full control of your burners from the central control room: that is a given. But the BMS also offers complete burner visualization and control from a local cabinet, which features a 12-inch display for the task. This includes a detailed alarm list for easy identification of faults.

Product Features

Safe burner control

When you operate with explosive fuels, safety is a key concern. The BMS fulfils all the requirements of the relevant standards for industrial thermoprocessing equipment (e.g., DIN EN 746-2) up to SIL Level 3, including the use of PROFIsafe secure, fail-safe internal bus communication.

Meanwhile, communication with the process control system is hard wired to ensure fail-safe signals between the BMS and DCS. Other safety features include emergency stop buttons on all cabinets to support fulfilment of risk assessment. Cabinets can also be designed to meet safety standards for explosive environments, if required.

Key Benefits

Burner management that is OEM and application neutral, quick to commission and simple to update. We call that a hattrick of benefits.

Key Benefits

Not limited to KHD burners

Interested in the benefits of the BMS, but don’t have KHD burners (don’t worry, we forgive you). No matter! The BMS can be used to control not only our market-leading burners but third-party firing systems. And you don’t even have to be a cement producer: the BMS can be used to control any industrial furnace, no matter the application.

Key Benefits

Easy commissioning and service

When used with KHD firing systems, the BMS comes pre-wired and approved, reducing installation and commissioning times. Our firing systems are also modular, making changes and upgrades quick and easy to perform – and adaptable to your specific requirements.

For the most responsive support, wherever you are in the world, we offer remote services for commissioning, operation and update, which includes secure access to all critical components, parameters and configurations.

System Architecture

Communication (Profinet, Profibus or client specification)




Client Country Delivery Date Controlled Equipment Fuel Types PCS-BMS Bus System
Melon Cement Chile 2021 Ignition Burner Gas MB-TCP
Jura cement Switzerland 2018 Ignition & Kiln Burner Gas PB-DP
Dincer Cimento Beton Madencilik Turkey 2018 Ignition & Kiln Burner Gas IE / PN-IO
YD Madencilik A.S. Turkey 2018 Ignition & Kiln Burner Gas IE / PN-IO
Lafarge Holcim Argentina 2018 Ignition & Kiln Burner Gas PB-DP
Krasnoyarskiy Tsement Russia 2017 Ignition & Kiln Burner Oil IE / PN-IO
Rohrdorfer Zement Austria 2017 Ignition & Kiln Burner Gas IE / PN-IO
Rohrdorfer Zement Austria 2017 Ignition & Tertiary Air Burner Gas, Oil IE / PN-IO
Rohrdorfer Zement Austria 2017 Ignition & Calciner Burner Gas, Oil IE / PN-IO
Soma Cimento Madencilik Beton A.S. Turkey 2016 Ignition & Kiln Burner Oil PB-DP


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