Firing Systems

Safe. Reliable. Efficient. Firing systems from the experts.

If any part of your firing system isn’t up to the task, you have a major problem – and potentially a serious health and safety hazard. For such critical components, it makes sense to go to the experts. We’re glad you’re here.

Firing Systems

We first introduced the jet nozzle concept to the cement industry back in 1975 with natural gas burners that operated at three bar pressure and very high nozzle velocity. In the decades since, we have continued to develop and innovate our firing systems to achieve the highest standards of safety, efficiency, reliability and fuel flexibility.

Pyrojet® Burner

The result of decades of continuous innovation, the Pyrojet® continues to prove itself safe and dependable in hundreds of installations worldwide. It’s the product of choice of cement plant operators worldwide.

Fuel Control Systems

Designed for plug and play installation, you can rely on our fuel control systems for trouble-free installation, accurate, energy-efficient fuel distribution, and failsafe shutdown in an emergency.

Calciner Firing Systems

Pulverized solid fuels? Gas-fired? Fuel flexibility? Whatever your calciner fuel situation, we can engineer a firing system to suit your needs.

Burner Management System

Improve control of your burners with automatic management of burner functions to achieve consistent and reliable heating of your pyroprocess.

Hot Gas Generator

Custom designed to your application needs, our tough and dependable hot gas generators provide a continuous and consistent supply of process heat, even in the severest of conditions.

Firing Systems

Today’s fuel landscape is changing rapidly. Alternative fuels offer new opportunities to lower fuel costs and reduce the environmental impact of cement production.

However, the combustion of alternative fuels also brings along complexity. Varying quality, potential contamination and more challenging ignition and burn-out properties can lead to delayed heat release and process problems. The burner and firing system must still ensure reliable, controlled and complete burn out and allow sustainable reduction of fuel cost.

It’s not an easy environment in which to operate. But here at KHD, it’s the core of what we do. We live and breath the cement-making process, every day. And we have done for decades. So, when it comes to providing firing solutions – be that for the rotary kiln or in the calciner – we can draw on that intimate process knowledge to innovate products and solutions that can stand up to the new complexities of the modern cement plant.

In short, our firing solutions get the job done, right. Whatever your fuel scenario. Whatever your process conditions. Because when you come to the experts, you would not expect anything less.


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