Cooling clinker is a serious job. It’s a vital step in ensuring the final quality of the clinker and enhancing overall process efficiency by recuperating heat to the kiln. It’s therefore critical that your clinker cooler operates reliably and efficiently at all times. Which is the job of the cooler hydraulics – and our cooler hydraulic control systems: PFC-HC for Pyrofloor coolers and PSC-HC for Pyrostep coolers.

Product Features

Whatever the size of your KHD cooler, our cooler hydraulic control systems ensure reliable, efficient and safe cooler operation.

Product Features

Precise motion and pressure control

Cooling efficiency is a function of the height of the clinker bed, which is determined according to your process and controlled by the movement of clinker through the cooler. To ensure bed height is maintained at that preset level, our hydraulic control systems feature motion controllers to reliably and precisely manage the position and speed of the clinker lanes or grates.
But our control systems do more than this. By continuously monitoring the load, they can minimize system pressure, while ensuring that the lanes or grates keep moving. And they can do that despite the continuously changing conditions in the cooler. The result? Clinker bed height is maintained at the required level with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Improved synchronization of Pyrostep hydraulics

The PSC-HC motion controllers also ensure precise synchronization of the Pyrostep hydraulic grate cylinders, replacing the need for older hydraulic control methods. These were vulnerable to leakage of hydraulic fluid, which could cause asynchronous movement of the cylinders to develop, resulting in skewing and wear. As a result, they would require regular maintenance interventions for recalibration and adjustment. None of which is needed with the PSC-HC system.

Product Features

Robust, reliable hydraulics

As a healthy circulatory system is vital for the human body to function well, so the clinker cooler relies on the health of its hydraulics: the pumps and the hydraulic oil. Our hydraulic control systems monitor a range of factors to ensure these elements are functioning well. This includes the state of the pumps, the oil temperature and level (including leak detection), clogging of oil filter and the cooler water supply.

As an added bonus, because clinker transport through the clinker is carefully controlled by the PFC-HC and PSC-HC motion controllers, these systems also help to minimize wear and extend operating life between shutdowns.

A pump on standby

Availability of the hydraulics is protected by a hot standby pump, which is ready to take over should one of the main pumps trip or be offline for maintenance. It means that filters can be changed, the pumps maintained, oil replaced or topped up – all while the cooler is still in operation. Switch over to the standby pump is managed by the cooler control system.

Product Features

The service box

Not only is the data collected by the cooler hydraulic control systems used for real-time control of the cooler, it’s also archived in the Service Box. Here, it can be used for process analysis, and to support operations. The Service Box also provides secure, encrypted access for remote support and process analysis, with connections possible over cable, WiFi or mobile networks.

We are also currently working on a Cloud-based system that will allow remote access to historical data as the basis for advanced process analysis and control solutions, such as predictive maintenance.

Key Benefits

Quick to install and supported remotely by our technical experts, our cooler hydraulic control systems support continuous and efficient cement plant operations.

Key Benefits

Easy installation

Our PFC-HC and PSC-HC systems come pre-wired and pre-commissioned, cutting the time required for installation and commissioning. To further support quick and easy commissioning – as well as maintenance and operations – a local control panel provides user-defined access to all system parameters.

Key Benefits

Remote support

Remote support from the KHD technical experts is available during commissioning and operation. The systems allow remote access to all critical components, parameters and configurations, enabling us to provide timely troubleshooting, no matter where you are in the world. Software updates can also be provided over the internet..

Key Benefits

Improving plant operations and efficiency

By continuously monitoring the cooler hydraulics, the PFC-HC and PSC-HC systems ensure these elements are working at peak efficiency and effectiveness. They also warn of any potential problems, enabling you to take necessary measures to avoid unplanned stoppages in production.

And by precisely controlling the movement of clinker through the cooler, as well as optimizing hydraulic pressure, the systems help achieve highly-efficient clinker cooling and heat recuperation: a benefit that determines not only the performance of the cooler, but helps to improve the overall efficiency of your cement-making process

System Architecture

Communication (Profinet, Profibus or client specification)



Country Site Cooler type Year of commissioning
Angola Cimenfort PFC² 638AW pending
India MyHome PSC² 4-204.18 T pending
South Korea SsangYong4 PFC² 738 2022
India ACC Ametha PSC² 4-234.22 T 2022
Turkey Madencilik PFC² 844A 2021
India Satguru PSC² 2-063.10 HT 2021
Iran Biarjomand PSC² 2-083.12 HT 2020
India Chettinad PSC² 3-215.18 HT 2020
Austria Gmunden PFC² 620 2019
Argentina Alas PFC² 427B 2019
Turkey Dincer PFC² 741AW 2019
Turkey Batisöke 3 PFC² 844A 2018
Turkey Soma PFC² 643AW 2018
Iran Margun PFC 638 2017
USA Ravena PFC 741A 2017
Canada Exshaw PFC 741A 2016
USA Hagerstown PFC 530A 2016
Venezuela Andino PFC² 635AW 2016
Venezuela San Sebastian PFC² 629A 2015
Malaysia Straits PFC 638A 2015
Turkey Kazan PFC² 638A 2015
Indonesia Jui Shin PFC 747AW 2014
Turkey Trakya PFC² 638A 2014
Italy Rezzato PFC 635A 2014
Turkey Sönmez PFC² 741A 2014


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