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The cooler is the last step in the clinker production process. Last, but not least. The cooler has a vital role in ensuring the final quality of the clinker and enhancing process efficiency by recuperating process heat to the kiln. Not to mention the job that gives it its name: cooling the clinker before it’s milled. Improving cooler performance therefore has benefits well beyond its four walls. Which is why we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing cooler design since we commissioned our first back in 1936. The result? The Pyrofloor2®.


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Auto­genous wear protection

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New cassette design

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No spill­age, no un­necessary complexity

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Product Features

Available for retrofit and greenfield projects from 2,000 tpd to 14,000 tpd, the Pyrofloor²® is designed to achieve the longest operating life and highest levels of efficiency.

Product Features

Getting off to a good start: the Pyrostatic® cooler inlet

The Pyrostatic® static inlet is designed to lower energy consumption, optimize air flow, improve heat exchange and reduce wear. It’s here that the hot clinker is first quenched with cool air: a process of rapid cooling that helps to improve the reactive mineralogy that gives cement its strength.

The established horseshoe shape is combined with a new grate plate design and optimized aeration slots to reduce pressure drop and direct the cooling air to where it needs to go: the clinker.

Located where the static grate meets the moving floor – an area that is subject to particularly high thermal and mechanical wear forces – the Pyrocast® transition piece is designed to survive in tough conditions. Combining the strength of metal and insulating properties of ceramic, with a curved profile that slows the impact of falling clinker, it’s designed to prolong service life.

Product Features

Getting innovative to limit pressure drop: cassette and chamber design

Our leading cassette design sets the Pyrofloor²® cooler apart from the competition, reducing pressure drop by up to 45% on the previous design. Which is significant. Interchangeable with previous cassettes in terms of installation (no modification of deals of fixings), cost, and delivery times, they also maintain the autogenous wear protection of previous designs.

Lighter-weight and more compact than alternatives, our cassettes are easier to install and help limit erection costs. Maintenance and replacement are easier – although neither are needed very often. Meanwhile, the aeration slots are covered to eliminate fall-through but still allow homogenous air distribution.

Pyrofloor²® coolers also feature smaller first chambers to prevent air from escaping through the rear, where pressure is lower, before it has properly cooled the clinker. This is not only a good thing for the cooler’s efficiency; it also means more heat can be recuperated to the kiln. And that improves overall process efficiency. Which is a big win.

Product Features

Autogenous wear protection layer

Sounds complicated. It isn’t. But we do think it’s quite ingenious! The autogenous layer is basically just a layer of cold clinker that lines the cassettes. This cold clinker ensures there is no relative movement between the metal parts and the hot and abrasive clinker, dramatically reducing wear and the need to maintain and replace of cassettes.

In fact, at a Turkish cement plant that was among the first Pyrofloor® cooler installations to feature autogenous wear protection, the original cassettes were still in use when we conducted a major cooler inspection after seven years of continuous operation.

Product Features

Eliminate spillage, eliminate complexity

Under-grate hoppers and other spillage removal equipment add complexity and cost to your cooler CAPEX and OPEX. And frankly, you don’t need that. So, you will be pleased to hear that we have eliminated the need for that extra equipment by eliminating spillage. We’ve done this by covering the cassette aeration slots (as we mentioned above) and by developing an innovative two-part, longitudinal, inter-cassette seal.

Eliminating that extra under-grate spillage removal equipment also means the Pyrofloor²® comes with a smaller space requirement than other coolers on the market.

Product Features

State-of-the-art hydraulics and automation

The hydraulics literally keep the cooler moving: they go wrong and your production grinds to a halt. To make sure that doesn’t happen, our state-of-the-art systems offer the highest levels of reliability, including self-diagnostics and correction, and remote support. And thanks to a hot standby pump, we ensure high availability, even in cases where a pump fails.

On top of that, our hydraulic systems come pre-wired and pre-tested for plug-and-play installation. And for that extra performance boost, our automated cooler hydraulic control system helps maintains the highest level of cooler performance, making operator life easier and allowing them to focus more effort on tasks like keeping your process as efficient as possible (which is something else we can help you with).

Product Features

Flexible crushing with the Pyrocrusher®

Where is the best place to put a clinker crusher? The answer: it depends on a couple of things, such as production capacity and whether you already have or are thinking about installing a waste heat recovery system. Which is why we designed the Pyrofloor²® to accommodate either a standard end or intermediate Pyrocrusher®.
Whichever works best for you (and our experts are on hand to help you make that decision), the performance stays the same: efficient particle reduction to below 35mm, wear-resistant crushing rings, automatic overload detection, and low dust, noise and specific power consumption.

Key Benefits

When buying property, it’s all about location. When buying a cooler, it’s all about maximizing operating life.

Key Benefits

Long operating life

From the inlet grate to the outlet – and everywhere in between – the design of the Pyrofloor²® components limits wear and improves operating life. The Pyrocast® transition piece, the autogenous protective layer, the design of the seals, the highly wear-resistant crushing rings: all components are built to keep going, and going, and going.

Key Benefits

Efficient cooling

The Pyrofloor²® is a highly efficient piece of equipment, offering highly energy-efficient clinker cooling. But the efficiency gains extend back from the cooler through the pyroprocess. For example, low fugitive air emissions result in a highly-efficient heat recuperation, raising the overall process efficiency of the plant.

Key Benefits

Reduced space requirements

The Pyrofloor²® is space efficient too! By removing the need for under-grate material handling, the installation height is lowered. It proves the old adage true: good things do come in small(er) packages.

Key Benefits

Cost-effective replacement and retrofit options

With its lightweight cassettes, standard sizes, modular design, and plug-and-play hydraulics, the Pyrofloor²® is ideally suited for retrofit at plants with first-generation Pyrofloor® coolers. We can also replace complete coolers: our expert process engineers will make sure it slots into your plant with minimal disruption and goes on to deliver the benefits you would expect from KHD.

Performance Data

Is the Pyrofloor²® for you? Check out the exemplary performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

PFC² 530 AW PFC² 844 AW PFC² 741 AW PFC² 638 AW
Grate Area 59.4 138.4 113 90.3
Production tpd 2,474 5,900 4,525 3,700
Clinker Outlet Temperature (uncrushed; 8-25mm) ° C a.a. 50 50 75 85
Specific Air Amount Nm³/kg 1.7 1.8 1.8 1.75
Specific Power kWh/t 4.8 5.1 5.1 4.9
hrecup % 74 74 76 73


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