Whether you want a more consistent product quality, better environmental performance or just to reduce costs, the Romix®-C automatic raw meal control system helps you achieve your goals. Offering best-in-class performance at lowest CAPEX, Romix®-C precisely monitors and controls your raw meal composition in real time to maintain a stable mix, despite continuously fluctuating feed material.

Product Features

You get out what you put in: if your raw meal is not up to standard, your cement won’t be either. Which is what Romix®-C is designed to prevent. Here is how.

Product Features

Model predictive control

To control the future, you have to understand the past. That is the basic philosophy of model predictive control (MPC), which uses a plant model to make predictions about future outputs over a given time period (the prediction horizon). MPC systems can then calculate the control actions needed to efficiently maintain the process at defined setpoints, again over a set timeframe (the control horizon).

For example, the Romix®-C model defines the relationship between raw meal feed (known as the manipulated variables) and key clinker characteristics (known as the controlled variables). It will then adjust the manipulated variables to optimize the controlled variables according to user-defined setpoints. In this way, Romix®-C can control the blend of raw materials to e.g., maximize clinker quality or optimize raw materials costs.

Regular sampling is also fed back into the model to correct against real-world conditions and ensure accuracy. The upshot is an adaptive system that enables highly-accurate control of three key variables – lime saturation factor, and alumina and silica ratios – and up to two more of your choice, such as Cl, MgO or SO3 levels.

Product Features

An intuitive interface

It’s all well and good putting the Romix®-C in control of your raw meal feed. But it’s also important to keep your operators in the loop. The Romix®-C interface is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use with improved visualization, enhanced reporting functionality, and extended control options. It’s also available in eight languages.

You are also not limited to just the one user. Up to three Romix®-C user interfaces can run in parallel, including the option of running on Android- and iOS-based tablets or mobile phones. So your users can stay up to date with raw meal feed performance wherever they are in the plant.

Product Features

Installation, service and maintenance

Romix®-C comes with comprehensive remote support. If you run into trouble, our experts can log-in and access all critical components, parameters and configurations to get you back up and running quickly. If worst comes to the worst, a simplified back-up strategy ensures worry-free system recover.

Moreover, when Romix®-C is combined with our cement plant simulation software, Simulex®, we can significantly reduce installation costs and time through a virtual commissioning approach.

Product Features

Meet the Romix family

The Romix®-C control software is just part of the Romix® family, an all-in-one solution for automatic sampling and analysis of raw meal. It can also be adapted to other points in the process, e.g., for hot meal, kiln feed, and kiln and cooler discharge. Interested in discovering more? Contact us today.

Key Benefits

Continuously optimize your raw meal against KPIs. When dealing with complex and variable raw materials, that is a real benefit.

Key Benefits

Putting you in control

Romix®-C is the ultimate operator’s assistant. Its range of setpoints and constrains can be set individually to provide tight control according to your requirements. Need to ensure a certain product quality? Romix®-C can do that. Improve environmental performance? Romix®-C can do that too.

At the same time, Romix®-C can help calculate the most cost-effective raw meal composition, while still maintaining a constant product. It ensures raw meal costs are minimised by selecting the lowest cost combination of raw material to achieve the desired raw meal composition.

Let’s talk numbers

How does a 5 % to 20 % increase in the stability of product quality sound? Or a 3 % to 7 % reduction in energy costs? You can also significantly reduce mill staff due to fully-automatic raw meal feed control. And reduce how much you spend on your raw materials. It all adds up to an increase in profit of up to 5 %.

Key Benefits

Improved reaction to dynamic processes

Because it is in continuous control of your raw meal, Romix®-C is able to react much more quickly and precisely to process changes than human operators could – including to emergency conditions, such as weigh feeder failure. In fact, whatever the conditions and however big the challenge, Romix®-C will work tirelessly to optimize your raw meal to the target values.

And like a human operator, Romix®-C continues to learn, adapting its model during runtime to improve the robustness of its control strategies.

System Architecture

Communication (Profinet, Profibus or client specification)

Physical Connection

Signal Path


Client Country Year (Commissioning) Weighfeeders Targets Material Quantity (Design)
thomas zement Germany 2021 4 2/3 160 t/h
CEMEX Croatia 2018 5 4 120 t/h
Novoros  Cement Russia 2018 4 3 540 t/h


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