When it comes to V-separators, there are many options out there. But only one original. Us. We invented them – and the VS Classic is our standard. Ideal for pre-separation and applications with high load, size range or feed moisture, it is uncomplicated and reliable. Do not let its simplicity fool you, however. It is an efficient multi-process machine that brings many benefits to a grinding circuit.

The v-shape

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Separation zone

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Fine tuning separation

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Product Features

The VS Classic is engineering elegance at its best, delivering efficient, low-cost separation. Interested? Read on to discover what makes the VS Classic tick.

Product Features

The v-shape

Simplicity meets ingenuity: the shape of the VS Classic is the key to its high performance and reliability. It ensures ideal air distribution through the separation zone, and therefore best possible separation efficiency. It also prevents material deposits building up inside the separator – reducing the need for maintenance.

Product Features

Separation zone

The separation zone is where the action happens. Exposed to high abrasion, it is manufactured from highly wear-resistant materials to ensure long life. When it does reach the end of its life, you can easily replace it with a new one, without needing a completely new separator. Wear parts are also simple and affordable.

Product Features

Fine tuning separation

In a V-separator, product fineness is controlled by adjusting the air speed through the separation channels. But sometimes you might need that little extra control. Adjustable flaps inside the VS Classic allow you to fine tune separation to precisely meet your specifications.

Key Benefits

Built on KHD’s tradition of engineering excellence, the VS Classic remains a thoroughly modern solution to a range of modern challenges.

Key Benefits

Five processes in one machine

The VS Classic is more than a separator. It can also dry, cool and deagglomerate feed materials, mix fresh material and rejects, and pneumatically transport material onto the next step in the process.

This extends its range of applications, even to feeds with high moisture. It also reduces the need for other equipment and CAPEX. Because we all like some extra savings.

Key Benefits

Low energy consumption

How does the VS Classic achieve low energy consumption? The answer is twofold. Firstly, as a static separator – that is, with no moving parts – it consumes no electricity. The design does the hard work, so your electricity bills do not have to.

The VS Classic also has really low pressure drop, even at high loads. And low pressure drop helps to reduce energy consumption through the grinding circuit as a whole. The results are lower operating costs and reduced environmental footprint. We call it a win-win.

Key Benefits

Almost maintenance-free, long life

With no moving parts and a design that prevents material build-up, the VS Classic requires very little maintenance. It just runs and runs, often for years without downtime. It is one less thing to worry about and spend your maintenance dollars on – and more time to spend on improving things elsewhere.

Performance Data

Is the VS Classic the separator for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Material Feed

up to 2000 t/h

Product Fineness

150 µm to 1500 µm (D85)

Air Volume

up to 1.000.000 m³/h

Feed Options (Materials)

Raw Materials, Cement, Minerals, Coal, Slag


Diameter 2000 – 9800 mm

How it works

Material is fed from above. Fines are entrained in the air flow and blown up through channels to the outlet. Coarse material falls down and is discharged.


Coarse Material

Fine Material

Material and Air Inlet

Material and Air Outlet


You have read what we have to say about the VS Classic. But here is what really counts: our customers.

More than 185 units worldwide in operation. The latest project was in 2021 and consisted of 13 units.


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