Optimized separation efficiency. Long system life. And all while keeping costs low and productivity high. It might sound too good to be true. But with the SKS-L you can have it all! Capable of grinding cement and minerals – and ideal for raw materials – the SKS-L is a flexible, high-performance solution.

Outlet head and drive system

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Air gap sealings

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Classifier housing

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Product Features

What can you expect from the SKS-L separator? A reliable, low maintenance solution for tough separation jobs. These are some of the features that give you that.

Product Features

Cage wheel

The cage wheel is the heart of the separator. It is here that separation of coarse and fine particles occurs. With our long history and deep understanding of the technology, we make sure the optimal shape and size of cage wheel is specified during design – ensuring your unique performance requirements are met.

We also design our cage wheels to make operation and repair as quick and easy as possible. For example, cage bars are clamped, not welded, into place, facilitating speedy replacement.

Product Features

Classifier housing

Housing is just housing, right? Think again! The shape of the housing is vital to ensure optimal movement of material through the separator.

Entering the SKS-L via an inlet riser, material is distributed evenly across the gap between an inner and outer cone, before travelling up to the cage wheel for separation. It is this even distribution of material that lays the foundation for efficient separation. Reject material falls into the inner cone to be recirculated.

Product Features

Air gap sealings

First rule of separation: you do not want oversize material entering the product stream. It makes all the effort of separation pointless. Which is why we developed the air gap seal that features on all SKS separators.

Essentially, the air gap seal ensures material cannot escape through the gap between the outlet head and cage wheel. It therefore prevents oversize, off-spec material entering the product stream.

As a further benefit, it keeps the space between the housing and wheel clean, reducing wear and extending time between maintenance stops. And longer uninterrupted production equals higher efficiency and productivity.

Product Features

Outlet head and drive system

Noise and vibration. For the sake of your equipment and workers, you want to minimize both. But that is easier said than done. The SKS-L outlet head is a case in point. It is where fine particles exit the separator; the drive system is also located in a support structure on its roof. It is a lot of potential shake, rattle and roll.

To avoid this, the outlet head is made from heavy-duty high-quality welded sheet metal and lined with wear-resistant concrete. We also source the highest-quality drive systems from trusted suppliers.

It is this interaction between quality construction and components that produces quieter, low-vibration operation.

Key Benefits

Efficiency. Productivity. Reliability. The benefits to your business are clear. Here is how we make sure the SKS-L helps your bottom line.

Key Benefits

Ideal distribution

It all starts here. From the point the material enters the separator, the SKS-L is designed to ensure it is distributed evenly to the cage wheel. This reduces unnecessary recirculation – maximizing throughput for lower costs and wear on components. It is efficient. It is productive. Well, we did tell you so.

Key Benefits

Go-to solution for raw meal grinding circuits

From a pure process standpoint, the SKS-L is often an ideal for solution for raw meal grinding circuits. But we also know that every client and project is different and other separators may therefore work best. Contact us to speak with our process experts, who will be happy to advise on the best solution.

Performance Data

So, is the SKS-L the separator for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Production Rates

3 t/h up to 1900 t/h

Product Fineness

15 µm to 300 µm (D95)

Air Volume

2500 m³/h up to 2.100.00 m³/h

Feed Options (Materials)

Raw Materials, Cement, Minerals

Cage Sizes

300 mm up to 7000 mm

How it works

Material travels up between an inner and outer cone to the cage wheel. Fines pass through and exit from the top; rejects fall to a bottom discharge.


Coarse Material

Fine Material

Material and Air Inlet

Material and Air Outlet


You have read what we have to say about SKS-L. But here is what really counts: our customers.

More than 70 units worldwide in operation. The latest project was in 2021 and consisted of twelve units.


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