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Alternative fuels are a critical pillar in the cement industry’s transition to a low-carbon future. But making the switch can be a daunting prospect – both technically challenging and expensive. The Pyroincinerator is our solution: a modular add-on to KHD and third-party calciners, it is a quick, simple and low-cost upgrade for coarse alternative fuel processing.

Tertiary air to Pyroincinerator

Pyroincinerator (combustion zone)

Tertiary air to Pyroincinerator

Product Features

We promised a simple solution for adding coarse alternative fuels to your fuel mix. This is how we deliver.

Product Features

Optimal ignition zone

You want to fire coarse alternative fuels? You cannot do that in the calciner. For a start, you need a much higher ignition temperature than your calciner can offer. You also need higher concentrations of oxygen to facilitate combustion.

To solve this problem, the Pyroincinerator provides an ignition zone where both temperature and oxygen levels are much higher: 200-300 °C higher at over 1100 °C, in fact, and with 21 % oxygen. This leads to rapid ignition of even coarse particles, which will then continue to combust as the fuel continues into the calciner.

It does this with no additional burner, drawing a portion of the tertiary air. You can control the combustion temperature by varying the amount of tertiary air that flows into the Pyroincinerator.

Product Features

Retrofit into existing preheater tower

When you are starting out on your alternative fuels journey, you may not want to make extensive and costly conversions to your existing calciner. Relying on the same tertiary air inlet and overall shape, with no raw meal feed or extra burner required, it is easy to position and install on any existing calciner.

And if height constraints are a worry, the Pyroincinerator presents no problems here either, easily fitting within the existing height envelope of your preheater tower.

Product Features

No complex material feed

You never want to fall at the first hurdle. In the case of the Pyroincinerator, you don’t want to worry about blockages of the fuel feed. Which is why we designed the Pyroincinerator with a simple mechanical fuel feed. This avoids the complexity and costs of pneumatic systems, saving energy and reducing the risk of that non-uniform fuels will cause an obstruction.

Key Benefits

Simple. Flexible. Cost-effective. And environmentally conscious. The Pyroincinerator makes it easier to choose alternative fuels and reap the rewards.

Key Benefits

Flexible fuel selection

We understand that, when it comes to alternative fuels, you cannot afford to be fussy: you need to be able to use what is available – and ideally with as little pre-processing as possible. It keeps the costs down and the substitution rates up.

The Pyroincinerator is your partner when it comes to fuel flexibility. The high temperatures, oxygen-rich atmosphere and simple mechanical handling enable you to utilize much coarser particles, as well as materials with inferior combustion properties or complex wastes.

Expanding you range of fuel options also makes procurement of materials easier and lower cost, while you future-proof yourself against changes in the available types of alternative fuels!

Key Benefits

Making life simple

The Pyroincinerator takes the pain out of switching to alternative fuels. It is easy to retrofit onto any existing preheater structure. With no additional burners or complicated material handling systems to worry about, it is easy to operate too. And there are no moving parts in the combustion zone – simplifying maintenance.

What is the bottom line? Low CAPEX. Reduced fuel costs. Quick and easy installation (so short downtime). Fast return on investment. And the benefit of lowering your environmental footprint. Overall, we cannot think of a reason why you would not want to try it.

Key Benefits

Lower carbon emissions

Lowering carbon emissions with alternative fuels is becoming an increasingly important business – as well as environmental – priority. For example, reducing your carbon intensity insulates you against the risk of future regulatory tightening. It could also help open up access to capital from sustainability-minded financial institutions. And it demonstrates responsible practice to your local communities and stakeholders, supporting your social licence to operate.

Discover more about how KHD technologies are reducing the environmental impact of cement on our Clean Solutions page.

Performance Data

Is the Pyroincinerator for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Fuel Mass Flow & TSR

2800 mm 10-20 TPH* 50-60 %*
3400 mm
4200 mm
5000 mm
*Achievable mass flow (alternative fuel feed) and thermal substitution rate depends on the individual pyroprocess and the used fuel types.

Usable Fuel Particle Sizes

Waste oil / Animal meal / Sewage sludge
Biomass max. 20x20x5 mm (3D)
Plastics max. 20x20x5 mm (3D)
RDF / Fluff max. 70×70 mm (2D)
Tire Chips max. 50x50x25 mm (3D)
Whole Tires X

How it works

Optimized conditions inside the Pyroincinerator ensures proper ignition and combustion of coarse alternative fuels before they enter the main calciner.

Exhaust Gas (high NOx level)

Lean Gas (high CO level)

Tertiary Air (high O2 level)

Gas after combustion and calcination (low NOx, CO and O2 levels)

  1. Pyrotop®
  2. Penultimate cyclone
  3. Bottom cyclone
  4. Fuel feed
  5. Tertiary air duct
  6. Rotary kiln
  7. Meal to kiln
  8. Meal to calciner
  9. Oxidizing zone
  10. Pyroincinerator


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