Calciner Addons


Meet the Pyrorotor® – our most advanced technology for processing alternative fuels. Able to handle even the most difficult of materials, the Pyrorotor® is a modular add-on to your existing calciner that delivers unmatched fuel flexibility and efficiency. In short, it opens the door to the highest thermal substitution rates. The results are good for your bottom line and good for the environment.

Product Features

When it came to designing the Pyrorotor®, we used the sturdiest machine in the cement plant as our guide: the rotary kiln.

Product Features

A rotating combustion chamber

How do you ensure complete burn-out of your alternative fuel, however coarse or difficult to combust? Traditionally, you would need one or more costly pre-processing steps before adding the fuel to your calciner. But with the Pyrorotor®, we remove the need for most pre-processing. In some cases, no pre-processing is needed at all.

How do we do this? Start with the combustion conditions inside the Pyrorotor®. Temperatures of 1200 C° are achieved – much higher than in the calciner. The rotary action also mixes the fuel constantly with oxygen-rich hot tertiary air. It is the ideal environment for ignition and incineration.

Meanwhile, the speed of rotation can be varied from 0.3 to 3 rpm to control residency times, making sure your fuel has the time to achieve full burn-out. Indeed, residency times of up to 10 minutes are possible. So even fuels with very low calorific values or very large particle sizes can be utilized efficiently.

Product Features

Proven design and technology

All Pyrorotor® parts originated in the rotary kiln, where they have proven their reliability and performance for decades on countless kilns. We have adapted them specifically for the demands of firing alternative fuels – but at heart they remain the familiar kiln components your operators and engineers are used to working with.

The benefit? You’re not taking a risk on new technology. Indeed, you can depend on it for the sort of consistent, high quality you would expect from a KHD kiln. And when it comes to maintenance, your crews will already know how to work on it safely and efficiently. Because if they can maintain a kiln, they can maintain a Pyrorotor®.

1/2 Friction drive

The Pyrorotor® is turned via an electro-mechanical drive with drive rollers. But unlike its much larger rotary kiln sibling, it does not need a girth gear or pinion due to the much lower drive power requirement.

3 Scoop ring

Worried about fuel leaks? Don’t be. As in a rotary kiln, a scoop ring prevents fuel leaking from the Pyrorotor® and also returns material back into the Pyrorotor® drum. It is just another example of how we have taken a proven technology to create our most advanced alternative fuel solution.

Product Features

Use almost any fuel

When it comes to maximizing thermal substitution rates, you want a process that is as simple, cost effective and flexible as possible. You do not want lots of complicated pre-processing or to be limited to only certain types of fuel (which may not always be available).

The Pyrorotor® is designed to process almost any fuel type, quality and size – up to 300 mm 3D. From fine and coarse RDF to tire chips and whole tyres, sewage sludge, hazardous waste, contaminated soil and construction waste. You can even add high-grade limestone for clinker quality control.

Product Features

Dosing stability to calciner

Alternative fuels are inconsistent. There is no way around this. But that can lead to temperature fluctuations and process instability in the calciner and beyond. Not with the Pyrorotor®. With its long retention time and constant mixing of fuels, it smooths temperature variations and provides an even heat to the calciner.

Key Benefits

Enjoy a range of real benefits – and all available as a retrofit to your existing plant. What is not to like?

Key Benefits

Reduce primary fuels to a minimum

Long retention time. Optimal combustion conditions. High fuel flexibility. And dosing stability. All of these add up to one thing: the highest thermal substitution rates available: over 85% of calciner fuel. Which is well above what competitor systems can achieve.

This means your primary fuel requirements are going to fall to a minimum – reducing your fuel costs. Your environmental footprint too – but more on that below!

Only Pyrorotor® offers both!

Our Pyrorotor® combines the lowest pre-processing demand and the highest usable fuel particles sizes currently available in the cement industry. That means easier procurement and less overall fuel cost. Who can say no to that?

Key Benefits

Limit NOx formation

Thanks to the staged combustion principle, the Pyrorotor® helps limit the production of NOx. It might sound complicated but essentially just means that conditions inside the Pyrorotor® are such that NOx formation is minimized, while any NOx that is formed is reduced to nitrogen.

Key Benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint

Lowering carbon emissions with alternative fuels is becoming an increasingly important business – as well as environmental – priority. For example, reducing your carbon intensity insulates you against the risk of future regulatory tightening. It could also help open up access to capital from sustainability-minded financial institutions. And it demonstrates responsible practice to your local communities and stakeholders, supporting your social licence to operate.

Key Benefits

Future-proof your fuel needs

This last benefit really combines the others! By allowing you to process a wide range of alternative fuels, you are protected against changes in the alternative fuel market. And by limiting your emissions, you mitigate the risk of further CAPEX investment mandated by future regulatory tightening.

It is an important consideration as waste markets – the primary supplier of alternative fuels – are constantly evolving. More and more will be recycled. As a result, the type of fuel is likely to change and quality of fuel is likely to decrease.

As a related benefit, the Pyrorotor® is applicable wherever you are in the world as there is no major limit to what it can process. It can take whatever is available in your local area. So fuels do not have to transported long distances and you can make a real difference to waste management in your region.

Performance Data

Is the Pyrorotor® for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Typical Fuel Mass Flow
2.8 x 10 m 12
3.4 x 10 m 20
3.4 x 12 m 25
4.2 x 12 m 30
4.2 x 15 m 35
Usable Fuel Particle Sizes
Waste oil / Animal meal / Sewage sludge
Biomass max. 100x100x15 mm (3D)
Plastics max. 300x100x100 mm (3D)
RDF / Fluff max. 300×300 mm (2D)
Tire Chips max. 300x300x25 mm (3D)
Whole Tires

How it works

Fuel enters the rotating combustion chamber, where high temperatures, O₂-rich atmosphere and optimized residency time ensure complete burn-out.

Exhaust Gas (high NOx level)

Lean Gas (high CO level)

Tertiary Air (high O2 level)

Gas after combustion and calcination (low NOx, CO and O2 levels)

  1. Pyrotop®
  2. Penultimate cyclone
  3. Bottom cyclone
  4. Fuel feed
  5. Tertiary air duct
  6. Rotary kiln
  7. Meal to kiln
  8. Meal to calciner
  9. Oxidizing zone
  10. Pyrorotor®


Have a look at exemplary performance data of realized Pyrorotor® projects. We achieved more than 85% TSR in every project!

Ssangyong Donghae Line 6 (South Korea) Ssang­yong Donghae Line 7 (South Korea) Asia Cement Jecheon Line 3 (South Korea)
Contract PG Test Contract PG Test Contract PG Test
Clinker produc­tion tpd 5000 5058 5000 5096 4060 4133
Heat consump­tion kcal/kg 840 760 852 859 825 805
Thermal AF substitu­tion rate at calciner % >85 87 >85 85 >85 86
Pyrorotor® fuel amount (PG test average) tph 18.1 23.5 14.5
Pyrorotor® fuel amount (daily operation) tph 20-25 20-25 14-17
AF mix heat value kcal/kg >3500 5110 >3500 4253 >4060 4708
Clinker free lime % 1.5 0.83 1.5 1.2 1.5 0.75


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