LS Separator

It is flexible. It is efficient. It is ideal for raw material grinding. It is the static LS separator: the almost maintenance-free choice for achieving a variety of cut sizes, depending on your process specifications.

Easily-adjustable guide blades

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Low air velocities, low pressure drop

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Impact Cone

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Product Features

Now you are wondering how the LS achieves all of that. Read on and allow us to explain some of the features!

Product Features

Easily-adjustable guide blades

All guide blades are connected to an electronically-adjustable ring that is controlled from the central control room. So, you can move all of the blades, simultaneously, with a single command. It enables quick and easy adjustment of the cut point and provides a lot of flexibility to maintain fineness at the required level, without a lot of effort.

Product Features

Impact Cone

A unique feature of the LS separator – so take note! Feed material is first thrown against an impact cone, knocking very coarse material out of the airflow before reaching the separation chamber. This reduces recirculation rates and makes the LS separator one very efficient machine.

Product Features

Low air velocities, low pressure drop

There is no denying it: the LS is a big machine. On the upside, air velocities through the separator are very low. Combined with its shape and construction, it means pressure drop in the LS is one of the lowest in our range.

Key Benefits

You have read about some of the features of the LS Separator. But how exactly do they benefit you?

Key Benefits

Low power consumption

An all-important benefit in a market where all costs and environmental impacts are so heavily scrutinized. As a static separator, the LS consumes very little energy to achieve results. Meanwhile, pre-separation of the very coarse particles means less energy is wasted circulating oversize material through the separation chamber.

And for the hat-trick: the low air velocity and pressure drop reduce the necessary fan power and lower energy consumption across the grinding circuit. That is three reasons why the LS is good for your electricity bills and better for the environment.

Key Benefits

Almost no maintenance

We are not going to lie. The size of the LS makes maintenance more difficult than on some of our smaller SKS machines. But do not let this put you off: maintenance is very rarely required! There are basically no moving parts – just a motor to move the air blades, which is located on the outside for easy access.

The only maintenance needed therefore is to check and replace wear parts. But the low velocity of material passing through the separator results in much less wear on the internal components than in our dynamic separators. It basically runs and runs, with very little to worry about in terms of potential downtime.

Performance Data

So, is the LS Separator the separator for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Production Rates

Up to 800 t/h

Product Fineness

75 µm to 200 µm (D95)

Air Volume

27.000 m³/h up to 650.000 m³/h

Feed Options (Materials)

Raw Materials, Cement, Minerals, Coal, Slag


Diameter 2000 – 9800 mm

How it works

Material feeds from below, against an impact cone, and up to the separation chamber. Fines continue up and out; coarse material falls down and is discharged.


Coarse Material

Fine Material

Material and Air Inlet

Material and Air Outlet


You have read what we have to say about the LS separator. But here is what really counts: our customers.

More than 25 units worldwide in operation. The latest project was in 2020 and consisted of one new unit.


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