Good things often come in smaller packages. Like our SKS-V/Z separators. More compact than its bigger brother, the SKS-L, they provide excellent sharpness of separation but require minimal space. They are also easy to maintain and versatile. In fact, they work in almost any application, but are ideal for semi-finish grinding circuits comprising roller press and ball mill.

Air gap sealings

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Cage wheel

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Pneumatic coarse material discharge

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Easily-accessible drive and bearings

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Product Features

High efficiency with low bypass: SKS-V/Z separators offer high productivity with the benefits of low diameter and height.

Product Features

Easily accessible drive and bearings

We all know maintenance is a necessary part of the job. We also know that when a machine is down for repair, it means lost production. It is why we have designed the SKS-V/Z separator to make maintenance simple.

For example: the drive is mounted separately for easy access and to ensure vibrations from the separator do not impact drive performance (and vice versa).

Meanwhile, the bearings are located outside the separator, protecting them from the heat and dust of the process. As a result, they wear less and, when maintenance is required, there is no need to enter the separator. Which makes it not only a much faster but also a safer process.

Product Features

Cage wheel

Sitting at the heart of the separator, the cage wheel is where separation of coarse and fine particles occurs. With our long history and deep understanding of the technology, we make sure the optimal shape and size of cage wheel is specified during design – ensuring your unique performance requirements are met.

We also design our cage wheels to make operation and repair as quick and easy as possible. For example, cage bars are clamped, not welded, into place, facilitating speedy replacement.

Product Features

Air gap sealings

First rule of separation: you do not want oversize material entering the product stream. It makes all the effort of separation pointless. Which is why we developed the air gap seal that features on all SKS separators.

Essentially, the air gap seal ensures material cannot escape through the gap between the outlet head and cage wheel. It therefore prevents oversize, off-spec material entering the product stream.

As a further benefit, it keeps the space between the housing and wheel clean, reducing wear and extending time between maintenance stops. And longer uninterrupted production equals higher efficiency and productivity.

Product Features

Pneumatic coarse material discharge

We have designed the SKS-V/Z separator to fit in small places – which required some innovative thinking. Such as designing the inclined ring-shaped coarse material discharge with an optional pneumatic conveyor trough, which conveys material over the incline to a single discharge unit.

This helps reduce the overall height. And with only one discharge unit to worry about, operations are simplified and maintenance requirements reduced.

A mechanical discharge option is also available for applications where a pneumatic option is not required.

Key Benefits

You have read about some of the features of the SKS-V/Z. But how exactly do they benefit you?

Key Benefits

Maintenance friendly

Let us be clear: SKS-V/Z separators are designed to be as maintenance friendly as possible. In addition to the features mentioned above, you can stand in the cage wheel and work inside without scaffolding – making maintenance a quicker and safer process.

Meanwhile, the cage bars – vital for efficient separation, yet exposed to continuous wear – are easily replaceable. Which is important in reducing maintenance downtime and achieving consistent performance. Bottom line: we have made maintenance safer, simpler and quicker. And so less costly. You are welcome!

Key Benefits

Compact, but high performing

It is important to underline: the SKS-V/Z separator can fit in restricted spaces. It has the lowest height and diameter of all our dynamic separators with the smallest distance between inlet and outlet flange. Indeed, because of its size, it can be positioned on the same platform as a roller press.

Despite this, it maintains the same high performance specifications – such as excellent cut point – as the rest of the SKS range. So, if you have limited space but require the productivity and efficiency of a larger machine, it is time to consider an SKS-V/Z separator.

The SKS-V/Z is suitable for almost any grinding circuits, no matter how little the available space. At the same time its performance easily matches those of bigger competitor units.

Performance Data

So, is the SKS-M the separator for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Production Rates

3 t/h up to 1900 t/h

Product Fineness

15 µm to 300 µm (D95)

Air Volume

2500 m³/h up to 2.100.000 m³/h

Feed Options (Materials)

Raw Materials, Cement, Minerals, Slag

Cage Sizes

300 mm up to 7000 mm

How it works

Material is fed from above or from the side. Fines flow through the cage to the top discharge. Coarse particles hit the bars and fall to the discharge below.


Coarse Material

Fine Material

Material and Air Inlet

Material and Air Outlet


You have read what we have to say about SKS-V/Z separators. But here is what really counts: our customers.

More than 300 units worldwide in operation. The latest project was in 2022 and consisted of three units.

Major cement producers trust our SKS-V/Z. Below are a couple examples:

  • JSW (India) – 15 units in operation
  • UTCL (India) – 18 units in operation
  • Shree Cement (India) – 20 units in operation
  • Cemex (worldwide) – 9 units in operation

300+ units worldwide in operation!


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