Most of the time in the cement and minerals industries, bigger is better. But sometimes, you need small. Maybe you have a specialist low-capacity production unit. Maybe you are trialling new products. If you are looking for something small, with the finest of cut sizes, we have the separator for you: the SKS-M.

Air Gap Sealings

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Cage Wheel

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Compact Design

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Product Features

Including all of the key features of our SKS range, the SKS-M is a true example of our engineering tradition and desire to innovate.

Product Features

Cage wheel

The cage wheel is the heart of the machine. It is where fines are separated from coarse materials. But because it is smaller, the SKS-M cage wheel is even more rigid than its larger counterparts. This means it can achieve higher circumferential velocities.

What advantage is all that high-speed turning? It essentially allows the SKS-M to deliver a much finer cut size – but for more on that, check out the key benefits below.

We have also designed our cage wheels to make operation and repair as quick and easy as possible. For example: cage bars are clamped, not welded, into place, facilitating speedy replacement. They can also be adjusted centrally from the control room for fast and flexible response to changing conditions or specifications.

Product Features

Air gap sealings

First rule of separation: you do not want oversize material entering the product stream. It makes all the effort of separation pointless. Which is why we developed the air gap seal that features on all SKS separators.

Essentially, the air gap seal ensures material cannot escape through the gap between the outlet head and cage wheel. It therefore prevents oversize, off-spec material entering the product stream.

As a further benefit, it keeps the space between the housing and wheel clean, helping reduce wear and extend the life of the system. And longer uninterrupted production equals higher efficiency and productivity.

Key Benefits

It may not be the biggest of separators, but do not hold that against it. In the right applications, the SKS-M has some important advantages.

Key Benefits

High fines classification

As we mentioned earlier, because of its smaller size, the SKS-M cage wheel can turn more quickly than larger machines. In operation, this results in a low bypass rate, resulting in high sharpness and efficiency of separation – and therefore a higher degree of product fineness.

Key Benefits

Compact design

As we keep saying, the SKS-M is small. It is actually our smallest separator. So, it is ideal for processes where space is limited and/or where high throughput rates are not required.

Performance Data

So, is the SKS-M the separator for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Production Rates

1 t/h up to 100 t/h

Product Fineness

10 µm to 200 µm (D95)

Air Volume

2850 m³/h up to 70000 m³/h

Feed Options (Materials)

Raw Materials, Cement, Minerals

Cage Sizes

400 mm up to 1550 mm

How it works

Material is fed down the outside of the cage. Fines are blown through the cage to the outlet below. Coarse material continues to fall to be discharged.


Coarse Material

Fine Material

Material and Air Inlet

Material and Air Outlet


We are looking for clients who have the right project for our small-scale wonder. Maybe you are the one? Get in touch with our experts!

So far, 18 units are in operation worldwide. The latest project from 2022 consists of two units.


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