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You need heat to make clinker. A lot of heat. But it’s not quite as simple as that. Too much and you might damage the kiln. Too little and the clinker will be unusable. You need just the right amount of heat. And for that, you need to be able to accurately control the amount of fuel that is fed to the burner. Not only that, but if there is a problem, you need the burner to shut down – immediately. All of this is the job of the fuel control system.

Product Features

Available for both gas and liquid fuels, our fuel control systems come with a range of intelligent features. Read on to find out more.

Product Features

Plug and play connectivity

A traditional valve train has hundreds of connections to wire in during installation, which is time consuming, to say the least.  It also introduces plenty of potential for error. Not so with our systems, which come pre-assembled and pre-tested. It takes the time and risk out of onsite installation.

In addition, the Profinet connection to the main plant control systems requires only power and bus connections to be wired in. All in all, it’s clever design for true plug and play connectivity and quicker installation

Product Features

Open communication with plant control systems

Many fuel control systems are black boxes. They provide general error messages – but no specifics. Nothing that will help your operators work out what the problem is. Ours are different. Open communication with the plant control system means all error messages are sent directly to the central control room and provide specific failure information. That way we eliminate the guesswork in burner fault diagnostics – which should give you peace of mind. You know exactly what is going on. You can also be sure everything is safe because all the relevant safety cycles are controlled in the Burner Management System, our tamper-proof PLC.

Product Features

Suitable for a range of pyroprocesses – and retrofits!

We designed our fuel control systems for the cement industry. Which means we made them tough and durable. But those characteristics also mean they are suitable for a range of other applications, such as minerals and metallurgical processes.

We can also retrofit to existing burners – even when space is limited. As well as the standard straight-line layout, we can design the valve train with a space-saving u-shaped layout to fit into tight work environments.

Key Benefits

Safe, flexible and energy-efficient. Our fuel control systems tick all the boxes.

Key Benefits

Energy-saving design

Traditional fuel control systems feature a fixed speed pump that delivered the same amount of fuel, all the time, no matter what was actually required. It meant that a lot of fuel ends up being recirculated through the system, especially during start-up. That certainly is not the most efficient use of energy.

When we designed our system, we decided to do things differently. Using sensors and variable speed drives, we create a closed-loop control system that delivers the exact amount of fuel required at any given time. As a result, recirculation is considerably reduced – and even eliminated during normal operation. It’s smart thinking to reduce energy waste. And we think that every bit counts, no matter how small.

Key Benefits

Fuel flexibility

Our liquid fuel control system can handle a range of fuels – from traditional heavy fuel oil to alternative liquid fuels, even those with a high level of contaminants. Raising our system above those of competitors, no prior fuel filtration is necessary, as the complete fuel is burnt. This eliminates the need to change filters and dispose of potentially hazardous residues.

The air atomization system is also designed to fire fuels of different properties, while still ensuring good dispersion. So whatever liquid fuel you have available, our fuel control system will provide good ignition and flame shape.

Key Benefits

Safety guaranteed

Our valve trains meet all the requirements for safe and trouble-free burner operation. Fuels are always accurately metered and controlled, while our Burner Management System, comes with built-in failsafe communication via PROFIsafe to guarantee safe operation.

In addition, because our fuel control systems come pre-assembled and pre-tested, we take responsibility for meeting all necessary standards and safety regulations. So, you get peace of mind, as well as a state-of-the-art firing system hardware.

Our fuel control systems are all designed, manufactured and tested as per the requirements of EN 746-2 Industrial Thermoprocess Equipment (or equivalent) and can also be certified for use in explosive atmospheres, if desired.

Key Benefits

One-stop-shop for firing systems

We offer the complete firing system: from the actual burner to the fuel control system and the automated Burner Management System. It means you can be sure all components meet relevant standards and integrate perfectly for optimum performance – which makes our package one of the most attractive on the market.


Fuel Control Systems References

Project Name Delivery Date Country Maximum Fuel Amount (Nm³/h) Type
Baherden 2022 Turkmenistan 8400 Gas Valve Train & Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Baherden 2022 Turkmenistan 8400 Gas Valve Train & Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Isketim 2022 Russia 15 Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Madencilik 2018 Turkey 4000 Gas Valve Train
Melon 2021 Chile 15 Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Dincer 2018 Turkey 2000 Gas Valve Train
MG Alas 2018 Argentina 8600 Gas Valve Train
Jura 2018 Switzerland 4500 Gas Valve Train & Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Gmunden (Tertial) 2017 Austria 400 Gas Valve Train & Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Gmunden (Calciner) 2017 Austria 2500 Gas Valve Train & Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Krasnojarsk 2017 Russia 15 Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Gmunden (Kiln) 2017 Austria 15 Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Krasnojarsk 2017 Russia 4000 Oil Valve Train
Gmunden (Tertial) 2017 Austria 4000 Oil Valve Train
Gmunden (Calciner) 2017 Austria 400 Oil Valve Train
Cimenfort III Pyro (Kiln) 2016 Angola 15 Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Cimenfort III Pyro (PCB) 2016 Angola 15 Ignition Valve Train (Gas)
Soma 2016 Turkey 4000 Oil Valve Train
Cimenfort III Pyro (Kiln) 2016 Angola 6300 Oil Valve Train
Cimenfort III Pyro (PCB) 2016 Angola 6300 Oil Valve Train


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