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From our rotary kilns and burners to our calciners and coolers, KHD is a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality thermal processing and combustion solutions. Our hot gas generators (HGG) are yet another example of this. Whatever the application, we combine engineering excellence with unrivalled process engineering know-how to provide an efficient and reliable HGG, optimized to your specific process needs.

Product Features

KHD HGG deliver excellent combustion efficiency and uniform hot gas temperatures with high reliability and durability.  

Product Features

Rely on the firing system experts

We have supplied firing systems for cement production for many decades, establishing multiple industry standards along the way. Today, our firing systems are known for their safety, efficiency, reliability, and fuel flexibility. We draw on this experience to offer high-performance HGG, custom-engineered to your process heat requirements, for non-stop operation. Even under the harshest conditions.

Product Features

No moving parts in the hot zone

Movement introduces complexity and the risk of mechanical failure, which is not something you want in a machine designed for continuous operation. It is why KHD HGG are designed with no moving parts in the hot zone. In doing so, we eliminate the potential for breakdowns in areas that are inaccessible without a shutdown. And so we ensure constant delivery of process-critical heat.

Product Features

Double shell design improves efficiency and safety

A mixing air channel runs between outer and inner shells of KHD HGG. This not only preheats the mixing air before it enters the combustion chamber, but simultaneously cools the outer shell and refractory. The benefits? It improves energy efficiency and extends refractory life. It also improves site safety, as the outer shell is cooled enough to touch without injury.

Product Features

Monobloc burner

KHD hot gas generators come with an monobloc industrial burner, integrating the primary air fan into the burner housing. Available in either fully automatic two-stage or modulating operation, and for a range of fuel types including gas, oil and coal, these burners offer high combustion efficiency. The mixing head is pre-set with relevant nozzles (gas, oil or solid fuel), while the compact housing is designed to optimize air flow and ensure flame stability. An electronic ignition unit and flame sensors link with a digital combustion manager for optimized control of the start sequence and for flame monitoring when the HGG is in operation.

Key Benefits

Robust. Reliable. Right for the job. Out hot gas generators come in a wide range of sizes and can be tailored to any application.

Key Benefits

Designed to your specifications

With capacities from 1 MW to 100 MW and maximum hot gas temperature of 800 °C, we can design a HGG solution tailored to your specific needs. From the cement industry to clay calcination and beyond, our HGG are suitable for any application where hot gas is needed.

KHD hot gas generators are supplied in horizontal layout as standard, but we can also supply in vertical or in-line designs on request.

Key Benefits

A one-stop shop for hot gas generation needs

We are not only an equipment maker and pioneer of thermal process technology; we are a one-stop-shop for all auxiliary equipment too. In addition to the burner, we offer fuel dosing equipment, as well as the control and automation systems that modern burner units and plants need. This holistic approach allows us to adapt our offering to an extent that other single-system-suppliers cannot match.

Performance Data

Is the HGG for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.


1 to 100 MW

Outlet temperature

300 to 800 °C


Project Model Country Year Thermal Output (MW)
TCL Trinidad HGG 9 G Trinidad & Tobago 2018 2,5
Thomas Zement HGG 23 O Germany 2018 7,7
Conakry HGG 58 O Guinea 2017 17,0
Askale Akoluk HGG 23 G Turkey 2016 6,5
Askale Bilecik HGG 23 G Turkey 2016 6,3
Cimenfort HGG 7 O Angola 2013 2,1


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