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Our Pyrojet® burner was introduced in the 1980s to revolutionize rotary kiln combustion. As we continuously adapt the design to meet changing needs the Pyrojet® continues to set the standard for efficiency, reliability and fuel flexibility today.

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Product Features

We have been innovating our Pyrojet® burner for almost four decades. It’s come a long way in that time. Here is what today’s burners have to offer.

Product Features

Primary air injection – jet air and swirl air

The Pyrojet® burner takes advantage of two types of primary air injection – jet air and swirl air. The first of these certainly lives up to its name. Jet air is injected from axial nozzles at the speed of sound, creating a suction effect that facilitates efficient mixing of secondary air and fuel.

In contrast, swirl air is injected at a much lower velocity and creates an area of low pressure in front of the burner. This promotes recirculation of burning particles around newly-injected fuel, thus ensuring quick ignition. The axial rotation of the swirl air also helps to stabilize and optimize the shape of the flame.

For high levels of alternative fuels, a retractable adjustable swirl system is available for better distribution of fuel in the flame. This improves combustion conditions, without the need for additional primary air, and eases some of the main problems encountered during co-combustion of alternative fuels.

Product Features

Multifuel burning

  1. Coal dust nozzle
  2. Gas nozzle
  3. Alternative fuel nozzle
  4. Liquid fuel nozzle

In a world of rising fuel prices and environmental concerns, fuel flexibility is an important strategic advantage. Which is why, with the Pyrojet®, we put the choice of what fuels to use and in what combination completely in your hands.

We offer a range of nozzles for all kinds of fuels – from coal, liquid fuels and gas to alternative fuels. These can be combined and customized to fit your individual needs, allowing up to five different fuels to be injected simultaneously.

  1. Coal dust nozzle
  2. Gas nozzle
  3. Alternative fuel nozzle
  4. Liquid fuel nozzle

Going carbon-free with hydrogen

Hydrogen is a highly-reactive fuel that can be used either on its own or to boost the ignition behavior of low-grade fuel mixes. Crucially, it doesn’t release CO2 during combustion. It’s therefore likely to be a key component for decarbonizing cement production. That said, there are challenges. It burns quickly and with a very different thermal profile to conventional fuels. But with challenges come KHD solutions. We have adapted the Pyrojet® nozzle design to allow a fuel mix of up to 100% hydrogen, while maintaining a similar heat transfer in the rotary kiln as fossil fuels.

Product Features

Oxygen injection system

Alternative fuels may reduce your fuel costs and environmental impact – but they often lack the combustibility of traditional fuels. Which could be challenge for a burner. Not for the Pyrojet®, however. An optional oxygen injection system enables our burner to process even the toughest of fuels, without impacting process efficiency.

Product Features

Just cement? We don’t stop there.

Although we designed the Pyrojet® burner for the cement industry, its advanced, flexible design has proved itself in a range of other applications. Anywhere a rotary kiln is used, in fact: pelletizing, lime, lithium, lead, and zinc recycling. All can benefit from our standard-setting burner technology.

Key Benefits

When you opt for a Pyrojet®, you gain the benefits of going with the market leader.

Key Benefits

Flexibility and high efficiency

The Pyrojet® burner offers the ultimate flexibility to achieve your fuel goals. Whether that be reducing energy costs, improving thermal substitution rates or clinker quality, securing fuel supply, future-proofing your fuel strategy – or all of the above!

And it does this while guaranteeing highly-efficient combustion to power your pyroprocess. By making best use of secondary air, the Pyrojet® limits primary air demand and ensures you get the most from heat recovery systems. So, you don’t opt for either or. With Pyrojet®, you can have both.

Key Benefits

Lower NOX and CO emissions

Flame quality comes down to how well combustion air and fuels are mixed. It’s a job that the Pyrojet®’s optimized nozzle system performs very well. You can therefore be sure to have an optimized and highly stable flame, which – among other things – achieves constantly lower emissions of NOX and CO than other main burners.

Discover more about how KHD technologies are reducing the environmental impact of cement on our Clean Solutions page.

Key Benefits

Reliable performance, low maintenance

You don’t want to be worrying about your main burner breaking down and bringing your pyroprocess to a halt. But fear not! It’s not a worry you will have with the Pyrojet® burner. Like the rotary kilns they serve, our burners are designed to maintain constant production, even under the harshest circumstances.

Three design features combine to provide highly-reliable operations: extra ceramic wear protection in the coal dust feeding pipe; a dedicated cooling tube for the refractory; and the use of a special alloy for the nozzle system that is able to withstand the extreme conditions of the kiln. There are also no moving parts in the sensitive hot zone. It’s a complete package (that only KHD offers) that leaves you prepared for every contingency.

Key Benefits

Easy to retrofit

Don’t have a Pyrojet® but like the sound of the benefits it offers? No problem. It’s easy to retrofit to existing kilns – whether KHD or from another supplier. And because we are the process experts, you can be sure your new Pyrojet®burner will best fit your fuel and process requirements. Our experts will guide you from design through to commissioning, supporting you and your operators with the service you would expect from the market leader.

Performance Data

Is the Pyrojet® for you? Check out the performance data below. Or contact us to talk to an expert.

Kiln process

Suitable for all kiln processes (also non-cement)


10 MW to 500 MW

Fuel Types

All classic (primary) fuels and also various alternative fuel types

Refractory Length

up to 12 m


Plant Type Country Performance [GJ/h] Year
Akmenés Cementas HPJ 370 CO Lithuania 370 2021
Cemento Melon HPJ 150 CGOA Chile 150 2021
Du'an Shangfeng Cement HPJ 460 COA China 460 2021
Iskitim Cement HPJ 350 G Russian Federation 350 2021
Maihar Cement HPJ 260 CO India 260 2020
NCL Industries Limited HPJ 140 CO India 140 2020
Shriram Cement Works HPJ 110 CO India 110 2020
Awarpur Cement Works HPJ 250 CO India 250 2020
Vinh Son HPJ 140 CO Vietnam 140 2020


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