PYROCLON® Calciner

KHD Humboldt Wedag PYROCLON® Calciners are designed as suspension tube calciners to ensure:

  • an even distribution of raw meal, fuel and combustion air across
  • the entire PYROCLON® section
  • complete burn-out of the fuel
  • optimum heat transfer between fuel and raw meal
  • high calcination rate up to 95 percent

The standard calciner for oil and gas is the PYROCLON®-R with PYROTOP® compact swirl chamber. The PYROCLON®-R LowNOx with PYROTOP® is the standard calciner for using solid fuels. Both calciners have proved their capabilities of reaching emission limits of worldwide legislation without the use of additives. The reduction of NOx emissions in the LowNOx calciner is based on the principle of “continuous staged combustion” and reaches the “BAT” emission level (best available technology).



  • staged combustion
  • low cost NOx-reduction without additives (SNCR process)
  • high efficiency and flexibility
  • >40 references
  • BAT "Best Available Technique"
  • emission level: <500mg NO2/Nm3with gas, oil, lignite and most kind of coals

The reducing gas strand from the Low NOx zone is united with the oxidizing gas strand and later intensely mixed in the PYROTOP® compact swirl chamber. Due to this turbulent mixing, the remaining CO oxidizes to CO2 with the oxygen present in the gas stream. The use of lumpy secondary fuel or fuels characterized by poor ignitability becomes possible by additional installation of a combustion chamber equipped with a “hot spot” burner. Depending on the physical and chemical properties of the secondary fuels, up to 100 percent of the fuel required in the calciner can be substituted.


Download 2021 Preheater and Calciner Brochure