Calciners. The original by KHD. And still the industry standard.

Calciners represent a significant proportion of your fuel consumption – up to 60%. An efficient calciner is therefore essential to overall fuel and process efficiency.



Having first introduced flash calciners into the cement industry, we continue to innovate and improve, setting industry standards in energy efficiency, operational stability, flow and reaction conditions, and fuel flexibility and costs.

Pyroclon® R

Small building footprint and lowest pressure drop make this an attractive low-CAPEX option and the basis for our more sophisticated calcining solutions.

Pyroclon® R Lownox AF

Our core solution for lowering NOX emissions without additional end-of-the-pipe processes.

Calciner firing systems

Pulverized solid fuels? Gas-fired? Fuel flexibility? Whatever your calciner fuel situation, we can engineer a firing system to suit your needs.

Calciner addons

Alternative fuel addons

We all know alternative fuels will play an increasingly important role in the cement industry. But how do you make sure you make the most out these variable and challenging materials? Our add-ons retrofit your calciner to boost your alternative fuel substitution rates – whether you are just starting out or are looking to achieve the very highest levels of performance. Meanwhile our industry-leading kiln bypass design capabilities ensure that any changes in your fuel use will have no detrimental impact on the reliability or availability of your pyroprocess.


Our quick, simple and low-cost upgrade for coarse alternative fuel processing.

Combustion Chamber

Handle large quantities of coarse alternative fuels without impacting calciner performance or maintenance risks.


Process even the most difficult of materials – even contaminated and hazardous wastes – for unmatched fuel flexibility and efficiency.

Kiln bypass

Designed for your specific process conditions, our bypasses provide optimal kiln gas cleaning, without impacting overall process efficiency.

Calciner addons

Emission reduction addons

Long tolerated in the cement industry, there is now a noose tightening around NOx emissions, as governments wake up to the health and environmental risks and look to limit emissions. We wholeheartedly support the move to reduce NOx – but acknowledge the challenge for cement plants. Which is why we offer solutions that help limit NOx production at source in the calciner.

Pyroclon® R Lownox AF

Perfecting the art of staged combustion to minimize NOx formation and reduce – or even eliminate – the need for additional systems, like SNCR or SCR.


A one-time investment to permanently reduce NOx emissions without raising OPEX or impacting production capacity, fuel consumption or power demand.


The calciner is where clinker production really starts to get going. It’s where preheated raw meal and fuel mix within a hot air stream to begin the calcination reaction – the first step to making clinker.

Before we introduced flash calcination to the cement industry, this all happened in the kiln, which was larger in diameter, much longer – and much less efficient. Calciners literally changed the landscape of the cement plant and enabled huge advances in process efficiency.

Today, our calciners form the heart of our modular and fully-customizable preheater systems, which also include a range of calciner add-ons to further lower emissions and enhance fuel flexibility. In short, we are the original innovators, still setting the standard today.


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