KHD ProMax®

Thanks to advances in connectivity and smart sensors, cement plants collect vast amounts of data every day. The challenge is how to utilize this digital datasphere to provide tangible improvement at machine, plant, and corporate level. KHD ProMax® is the solution to that challenge, empowering best‑in‑class performance, every day, every shift.

What is KHD ProMax®?

Integrate your existing data and systems with our Cloud‑based suite of digital optimization solutions, powered by state‑of‑the‑art digital twin and machine learning technologies.

KHD ProMax is a suite of Cloud‑based digital solutions that connects to and delivers real‑world optimization of your cement plant equipment and processes. But exactly what it does that mean? Well that is up to you. Because KHD ProMax is customizable and grows with your needs. We are also continuously developing new functionalities in response to client requests. It begins, however, with a secure connection from your plant to the Cloud via KHD ProMax Edge.

What is KHD ProMax®?

It begins with your data

KHD ProMax Edge is the hardware that collects the various process data from your onsite equipment and systems. Data can be collected from both KHD and third‑party equipment and in multiple formats. The data are then homogenized into a single, consistent structure, ready for the advanced data analytics used by our KHD ProMax suite.

Your data are uploaded to the KHD ProMax Cloud via an end‑to‑end encrypted link and hosted on ISO27001:2013 certified data centers for the highest security standards. A single‑tenant architecture provides each client its own private application stack, completely secure and isolated from the data and applications of other clients. Your data remain your property: we will never share your data with third parties and will access your data only to the extent allowed under your KHD ProMax subscription agreement.

But it is this data that allows the true value of KHD ProMax to be delivered.

What is KHD ProMax®?

Flexible, smart solutions

Our suite of advanced digital applications combine your data with the latest digital twin and machine learning technologies to deliver unparalleled insight into and improvement of your operations. The basic subscription includes a range of standard options. Higher subscription tiers offer a choice of additional solutions with more advanced functionalities and remote services.

System Architecture

Thanks to unresitricted modularity KHD ProMax can be customized to fit and improve any plant, production and use‑case.

KHD ProMax combines the latest IIOT technologies with our unparalleled knowledge of the cement‑making process. The result is a comprehensive suite of digital solutions that supports you to maximize the productivity of your cement production process.

KHD ProMax®

Connect. Maintain. Produce.

KHD ProMax tailors the user experience by job function to ensure the most relevant information and solutions are clearly and quickly available to the right people.

KHD ProMax®


Whether you’re a corporate‑level enterprise user or part of a plant’s maintenance and production teams, KHD ProMax connects you with the information you need to succeed. Data from any KHD ProMax‑connected equipment can be accessed, allowing different data sources to be brought together in an integrated dashboard. This enables users to keep track of performance and identify interconnections, quickly and easily. Access is available anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices or desktop computer.

At the enterprise level, KHD ProMax enables high‑level asset monitoring of your cement plant(s) and components with KPI analysis and reporting tailored to your specific business goals. You can also compare plant and equipment performance on a plant‑wide and company‑wide basis to identify areas of good performance and those that require improvement. Reports are delivered to a regularly schedule or can be triggered by specific events to support effective decision‑making and business planning.

KHD ProMax®


KHD ProMax improves and simplifies maintenance management and practices. Users can quickly check and optimize schedules, manage spare parts, monitor equipment status, and respond to areas of concern. If critical limits are reached, the user will automatically receive an alarm notification. Advanced modules are available that utilise machine learning to empower predictive maintenance.


When it comes to undertaking maintenance, users can take advantage of virtual walk‑throughs, which utilize virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) to identify parts that need service or exchange. KHD ProMax also supports interactive AR/VR tutorial – as well as remote supervision and troubleshooting by KHD experts – to help users successfully carry out maintenance activities.

KHD ProMax®


KHD ProMax is the plant operator’s smart assistant, allowing you to deliver best‑in‑class performance. For example, our new Real‑Time Optimizers (RTOs) monitor and maximize plant performance to production goals, so users can focus on keeping the plant running and the process stable. To do so, KHD ProMax utilizes the latest digital twin and self‑adaptive machine learning technology, which we have designed in‑house, based on our extensive process knowledge and experience of real‑world cement plant operations.

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KHD ProMax®

Is KHD ProMax for me?

We believe KHD ProMax can benefit every cement plant. Because every cement plant can benefit from the next‑level performance upgrade KHD ProMax delivers:

  • Increase plant throughput and production stability.
  • Cut downtime and lower spare part costs.
  • Execute maintenance workflows with a simple click.
  • Implement prescriptive dynamic maintenance – optimizing service life.
  • Take remote action through augmented reality from anywhere in the world.
  • Improve business planning for maximum profitability and sustainability.

Connect with one of our experts to discuss how this advanced digital tool could improve the performance of your plant and equipment.


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